Costco Summerlin – Las Vegas, Nevada – Can I get some fresh sushi?

Costco Summerlin – Las Vegas, Nevada – Can I get some fresh sushi?

Costco Summerlin Nevada Slider

On my last quarterly trip to Las Vegas, I stopped at one of the other Costco’s in the Las Vegas area. This one happens to be in the high end master planned community of Summerlin. Summerlin is about 20 minutes off the strip and has its own mega casino, Red Rock, just minutes from the Costco. You can read about the Costco Las Vegas Business Center by clicking here.

Costco Summerlin Entrance

Returning items to a store is never a fun thing, luckily Costco has made it a tad easier with the no frills return policy. The Summerlin location has taken it a step further with a dedicated Returns Only entrance. Sometimes when you a visit a Costco on a busy Saturday the returns line can be a mess and you can’t even find where the return line is. With the refunds desk typically being near the exit, you constantly have people trying to get out, and it never helps having a long returns line blocking part of the exit. With the dedicated door they have it so you don’t get in the way of the exit and you can always find the end of the line.

Costco Summerlin Returns

This particular day they happened to be pushing (trying to sell) their bakery cookies. You got a tray of 60 freshly baked cooked for $15.99.

Costco Summerlin Cookie Tray

When you walk down the left main isle, you pass their larger than usual liquor section. I am sure this has something to do with us being just minutes from all the action on the strip. One of the items that stood out was their 1.5L bottle of Veuve Cliquot which is one of the most popular champagnes out there.

Costco Summerlin Veuve Clicquot

After I passed the liquor section, I came across something that I haven’t seen at any other Costco. They have a fresh sushi department. It is a lot like the Service Deli, in the way that you can order big sushi planers and then they also have coolers where they sell all different types of sushi dishes.

Costco Summerlin Sushi Full View

This is a separate business that is always setup inside the Costco. The party platters range in price from $34.99-$44.99. From the few minutes I stood there, it seems to be very popular. I saw multiple people placing orders and taking sushi from the counter.

Costco Summerlin Sushi Product

Costco Summerlin Sushi Kiosk

At the Costco Summerlin location, they also sell the hot Pork Back Ribs, like we saw at both the Torrance City and Culver City California locations.

Costco Summerlin Pork Ribs With Glaze

Their fresh departments were all well stocked with product.

Costco Summerlin Bakery

Costco Summerlin Deli

Costco Summerlin Meat Department Foster Farms Chicken

Inside their walk in cooler, they also sold milk in two gallon jugs inside card board boxes.

Costco Summerlin Milk

I eat two hard-boiled eggs a day, and they sell pre-hard-boiled eggs. You get 24 for $4.79. This is a good price considering the convenience factor.

Costco Summerlin Hard Boiled Eggs

International Delight Iced Coffee, is one of the best tasting coffee drinks out there. Typically at target one half gallon sells for $3.99. At Costco you are going to get a two pack for $5.99, so you are saving two dollars.

Costco Summerlin Iced Mocha Delight

In the Midwest I see many people asking if Costco sells ice, but the answer is always no. Out here that isn’t a problem, if you need some bags of ice you can pick some up on your way out for $1.79 a bag.

When I was going through the register to pay for my giant jumbo plush puppy case of water, I tried using a $5 Red Rock chip the cashier laughed, and said sorry we don’t take chips. Not surprisingly people do try to use them here.

Costco Summerlin Dog

This location is in a beautiful parking lot. The entrance is lined with palm trees and the lot has many trees spread throughout. This is a location I would enjoy shopping at. From the time you enter the lot you forget you are going to a warehouse store, with all the palm trees you might think you are at a resort.

Costco Summerlin Las Vegas Outside

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