Costco New Berlin Wisconsin Coming Soon

Costco New Berlin Wisconsin Coming Soon

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Coming this fall, Costco will open its doors to its third greater Milwaukee area location in New Berlin, Wisconsin. The store will sit at 15300 W Grange Ave New Berlin, WI 53151. It will be just South of Stonefire Pizza Co and just east of a very nice Kwik Trip location.

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By the end of 2015 Costco will have a total of 9 locations in Wisconsin, this includes:

Pleasant Prairie

New Berlin

Menomonee Falls

Grand Chute

Green Bay



Sun Prairie


I have visited all of the locations and posts are all forth coming, so stay tuned!

I have visited the site a few times over the last six weeks and one of the first things I noticed was that the building is being built by Robinson Construction.

Costco New Berlin Robinson Construction

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Currently in the Mid-West there are two main contractors that Costco uses. Those two are Jackson Dean and Novak. Now with the addition of Robinson Construction, Costco will be using three different contractors in the Mid-West so they can continue their rapid expansion plans.

This is a time lapse video of the current state of the Costco New Berlin job site. It comes complements of Robinson Construction, and brought to you by BulkTraveler.

Robinson Construction has built multiple Costco locations on the west coast including sites in Utah, Colorado, Hawaii, and Texas.

When I first visited the Costco New Berlin site, the location had a lot of dead standing trees. The only work completed so far was a small path made into the tree lot by a bulldozer. Robinson construction was also on the job site and they said they were starting work on the site the following day.

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Two weeks later the entire lot was clear. The land was very uneven and they were working on moving dirt around so they could level out the ground.

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I am very excited about this location due to the fact that it is being built by Robinson Construction. With them being new to the Mid-West, they have a lot to prove and I am curious to see if the opening is completed early.

If I had to estimate an opening date, I would say that it is looking like a late September/early October opening. The site is being actively developed on a daily basis.

The Costco New Berlin location is already accepting applications, the starting pay is $11.50 an hour. If you are interested in applying for a job at Costco New Berlin, you can find out all of that information by clicking here.

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