Welcome to the Toy Story Hotel at Shanghai Disney Resort

Welcome to the Toy Story Hotel at Shanghai Disney Resort

Toy Story Hotel Shanghai Review


The time has finally come to tell you all about my trip to the all-new Toy Story Hotel at Shanghai Disney. I started this series way back in September when I announced that I was at Shanghai Disneyland. With this visit to Shanghai Disneyland, I had finally completed my goal of visiting every Disney theme park in the world. I made my first visit to Disney when I was only three years and now, at twenty-five years old, I’ve finally visited every Disney theme park.


disneyland shanghai scott


I’ve stayed at many different Disney branded hotels during my quest to visit every Disney theme park in the world. I’m always amazed at the elaborate themes that each of their different hotels have. The Toy Story Hotel at Shanghai Disney Resort is no exception. We booked four nights at the Toy Story Hotel at a rate of $122 USD per night.


After getting off my fourteen-hour long haul economy flight from O’Hare to Shanghai, Megan and I headed to the taxi queue. If you’re curious about how to survive 14 hours in economy, you can check out our post on surviving economy class by clicking here. The taxi queue looked long but it moved quickly. I was more put off by the amount of second hand smoke I was getting, considering every other person in the queue was smoking a cigarette. We got a taxi and started on our twenty-five-minute drive to the Toy Story Hotel. It was only about two minutes into our drive when we had to pull over so the driver could call the hotel and get directions. Here is a quick video on our journey from O’Hare to the Toy Store Hotel.


TIP: Print out directions from the airport to your destination in the local language. If the taxi driver doesn’t know where to go those directions can greatly help them.


Toy Story Hotel Directions Shanghai


The driver got directions and we were back on our way. We only had to make one more stop, which was at the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel where the driver once again asked for directions on how to get to the Toy Story Hotel. We finally made it to the hotel, and it was a magical experience from the moment we got in the door.


Main Entrance Disney Toy Story Hotel




The entire front of the hotel is a giant racetrack. There was a gentleman there waiting to take luggage to the check-in desk. There was no line at the check-in desk and we were quickly given our room assignment. When you walk around the hotel, you will notice that Disney’s attention to detail is outstanding. If there is any part of the hotel that they could theme to Toy Story, then that is what they did.


Racetrack Toy Story Hotel Shanghai China


Toy Story Hotel Shanghai China Photo Megan


Toy Story Hotel Disney Resort Cloud Art Wall


Hotel Grounds Shanghai China Toy Story Hotel


My favorite theme aspect was their bathroom and ATM signage. The signage was an etch-a-sketch that had drawn out the bathroom sign.


Etch A Sketch Shanghai Toy Story Hotel


The lobby has plenty of seating for you to sit back and relax.


Toy Story Hotel Lobby Seating


Right off the lobby was Lotso Shop. The Toy Story Hotel Lotso Shop is loaded with all sorts of Disney souvenirs. Right at the entrance to the Lotso Shop, they have a photo pass booth where you can order prints and view your pictures that are on your photo pass from Shanghai Disneyland.




There is a concierge desk in the lobby, which was able to provide postage stamps to my sister so she could mail a post card back to the United States.


Shanghai Concierge Desk Toy Story Hotel




We headed to room 12021 and upon entering and inserting the room key in the energy saving light switch we were beyond impressed with how in depth the Toy Story room theme was.


Toy Story Hotel Double Room 12021


Toy Store Hotel Room Key Light

The bathroom was a good size for being a hotel. The shower curtain had a bunch Toy Story characters. The cups, shampoo, tooth bush, and slippers all had Toy Story branding all over them. You even got your own tin carrying case for you tooth brush, which if you put it in your luggage, you got a new tin daily. They make for great free souvenirs.


Toy Story Hotel Shower Curtain


Toy Store Hotel Tin


Shanghai Disney Resort Shanghai Toothbrush Kit


Shanghai Toy Story Hotel Soap


Toy Store Hotel Themed Cups


Toy Story Hotel H2O Shampoo


On the sink, there were also bottles of water provided free of charge and replaced daily.


Toy Store Hotel Free Water


We were in a double bed room, and both beds had Toy Story characters on the bed spreads. The mattresses were extremely comfortable, and the sheets were nice and soft.


Toy Story Hotel Double Beds


The wallpaper was the classic Toy Story clouds. The curtains were loaded with mini aliens. Slink the dog even makes an appearance on the table lamp in the room.


Toy Story Hotel Double Room Clouds


Toy Store Double Bed Room Alien Curtain


Slink Lamp at Shanghai Toy Story Hotel


The entire theme of the room makes you feel as if you are inside a Toy Story Movie.


Double Bed Room Toy Story Hotel Shanghai


Remote Toy Story Hotel


Stationary Disney Toy Story


There is a nice water boiler so you can make yourself a nice cup of coffee in the morning with the provided coffee packets in the room.


Toy Story Hotel In Room Coffee


The one funny part was when I would stack my clothes outside my luggage; the cleaning crew would always fold the clothes and line up our shoes in a straight line.


Toy Story Hotel House Keeping


Staff Folds Clothes Don't Mind the Undies


Before falling asleep at night, you can watch a number of different Pixar movies, including Toy Story.


Toy Story Hotel Room TV


Pixar Movie Toy Story Hotel Shanghai Disney Resort




If you’re a long-time reader of BulkTraveler, then you will already know that I am a very picky eater. I’ve even written about how to be a picky eater while traveling. My typical go-to place to eat while traveling is McDonalds. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a McDonalds nearby, so I was stuck eating breakfast at the hotel cafeteria.


Toy Story Hotel Western Food


In their cafeteria, they have lots of different food options. Many of the food options are Chinese cuisine, which isn’t a surprise, but they also had a small western food menu. The Western food options cost around $5 to $10.


Fruit Toy Story Hotel



When I saw on the menu that they had a breakfast tray that came with eggs, bread, sausage, hash browns, and tomatoes I was very happy. The meal even came with coffee. I also bought an orange juice to go with my breakfast every day.


Western Breakfast Toy Story Hotel


The first day I ate the breakfast it tasted ok, the second day it tasted meh, and by the third day, I couldn’t even stomach the breakfast. The overall taste just wasn’t that good. The eggs were very liquidly, and I’m not even sure what meat was used in the sausage.


Toy Story Hotel American Brteakfast


I also tried some of the Mickey steamed buns, which weren’t that good either, but it did make for a cool picture.


Mickey Mouse Steamed Buns


Steamed Bun Toy Story Hotel Mickey Mouse


The best part of the food at the Toy Story Hotel was the big chocolate chip cookie. The cookie was AMAZING!


Disney Shanghai Chocolate Chip Cookie Toy Story Hotel


I didn’t eat lunch or dinner at the Toy Story Hotel at Shanghai Disney Resort, but I doubt I would have been impressed by their offerings. I was fortunate that there was a Starbucks and The Cheesecake Factory at the Shanghai Downtown Disney because they provided me with some good food and even better coffee.


Downtown Disney Shanghai China Starbucks


The Cheesecake Factory Shanghai China Disney




As you roam the Toy Story Hotel throughout the day, be sure to keep an eye out for some Toy Story Characters. While Megan and I were staying at the Toy Story Hotel, we met Woody and Jesse.


Characters Roaming Toy Story Hotel


There are many other fantastic picture opportunities all around the hotel. You can even take some pictures with a MASSIVZE Buzz Lightyear.




At the front of the Toy Story Hotel, you’re going to find the different bus stops that are going to take you to Shanghai Disneyland, the Shanghai Disney Hotel, and the Shanghai train line. The buses came about every 15-20 minutes and they were all nice, new, and clean. , You can take the Shanghai train line into the heart of Shanghai. If you take the bus to Shanghai Disneyland, you are going to be dropped at the entrance to their version of Downtown Disney, which is going to have a lot of western food chains, including my favorite food chain, The Cheesecake Factory.


Disney Resort Shuttle Toy Story Hotel


Disney Resort Bus Line Shanghai China


Disney Resort Train Station Shanghai China


At every turn, you are going to encounter extremely friendly cast members. All the cast members are going to wave at you, say hello, and then tell you to have a magical day. That is the extent of English that a bulk of the cast members knew. Don’t be alarmed though, you will be able to find a few cast members that have good English. Just don’t try and hold a conversation with every cast member you encounter.


Toy Story Kites


The Toy Story hotel is a great value and is going to make your trip to the Shanghai Disneyland even more magical. Even if they don’t have the best food for picky eaters, you should look past that because you’re going to enjoy feeling like you’re a part of a Toy Story Movie.


Wall Art Toy Story Hotel Shanghai China


If you are planning a trip to the Shanghai Disneyland, look no further than the Toy Story Hotel at the Shanghai Disneyland Resort.


Scott Main Entrance Toy Story Hotel


If you have any questions, or if there is anything else you would like to know about the Shanghai Toy Store Hotel, then please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below.



Shanghai Disney Resort Toy Story Hotel American Review

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