– This is a continuation from ENDING SUMMER IN MARTHA’S VINEYARD – DAY ONE


After being awake for almost 24 hours, I had the best six hours of sleep of my life.  Shortly after falling asleep, I woke up to that glorious Martha’s Vineyard sunrise… uh and that nasty iPhone alarm clock.  My sister, Megan, and I had planned an early start to the day since we only had a half day before we had to board the ferry back to Woods Hole.

The first order of business for the day was to wake up and eat my bacon maple donut from Back Door Donuts. This wasn’t breakfast, it was more of just a wake up snack.


Maple Bacon Donut Martha's Vineyard


After basically inhaling the donut, the next order of business was to toss on some clothes, pack the bags, and head down to the lobby to checkout from the hotel. It was such a short stay at the Summercamp Hotel, but I have the future to look forward to; I know that I’ll be back sooner rather than later.

During the checkout process, I asked them if they could hold our bags for the day while we went adventuring around Martha’s Vineyard. To my surprise, they have an entire bay of lockers where you can keep your bags for the day, and the best part, it’s all free of charge!




After checking out, it was a race to go and find some real breakfast food. After looking to Yelp for some recommendations, we settled on Linda Jean’s Restaurant.




Linda Jean’s Restaurant was a quick five-minute walk from the Summercamp Hotel. Going into Linda Jean’s, I had very high expectations due to the raving reviews on Yelp. When we entered we were quickly seated, and after a few minutes of looking over the menu, I was ready to order. I settled on a basic eggs, toast, and bacon breakfast with coffee.  Megan went with some type of spinach omelet with toast and a cranberry juice.


Linda Jeans Oak Bluffs




Linda Jean’s did live up to expectations. The food was great diner food, and the coffee was hot and fresh. The part I really like was when I asked if I could get a to-go cup for my coffee our waitress went and just got me a fresh cup to-go; that is the type of service that I always enjoy getting.




After paying the bill, we headed down the street and over to Oak Bluffs Town Beach. The plan was not to go swimming, but to get some good Instagram pictures. Megan brought her traveling gnome with us, so he had to get some good action shots as well.










After getting some great pictures, we started making our way back to the area of Linda Jean’s, so Megan could do some shopping at a couple of the small shops, most specifically Vineyard Vines and The Black Dog.








After following Megan around while she did her shopping, we headed a few blocks over to the gingerbread cottages. The gingerbread cottages are actually right next to Summercamp Hotel, so if we had planned the day a little better, we probably would have gone to the gingerbread cottages first. Oh well.




When you’re walking around these picturesque gingerbread cottages, a lot of the owners will say, “Hello, how are you doing?” Coming from Chicago, I’m not used to people being so friendly. Typically, when you’re in Chicago, most people keep to themselves. It was actually a nice change to be around people that are so friendly.




There are hundreds of these unique cottages. The cottages use to be used for a Methodist religious retreat. So essentially, the gingerbread cottages were a part of a giant campground. Now these cottages are expensive $500K+ summer homes that attract thousands of tourists each year.




By the time we walked around and viewed all of the cottages, it was already time for lunch. I actually think it was only 11am by this point, but it was lunchtime for us.




For lunch, we headed over to Fat Ronnie’s and grabbed a burger. Fat Ronnie’s is on Circuit Ave, which is in the same area as Linda Jean’s, Vineyard Vines, and The Black Dog. Fat Ronnie’s is like the Subway for burgers. You order your burger and then when the burger is ready, you go up to the counter and you go down an assembly line of toppings for the burger that an employee will load on top.


Fat Ronnie's Martha's Vineyard Oak Bluffs


Overall, I thought it was a just an ok burger. It wasn’t the best, but it also wasn’t the worst. The good thing about Fat Ronnie’s was that it was a very quick lunch. There wasn’t a wait and the burger was ready quite quickly.




As soon as we walked out of Fat Ronnie’s, Megan and I decided that we hadn’t spent enough of our day eating, so we headed over to the world famous Mad Martha’s ice cream.




Just an FYI, at the time of writing this post, Mad Martha’s only accepts cash. Luckily, Megan had cash on her so she was able to pay for my Oreo chocolate ice cream.


Gnome at Mad Martha's Oak Bluffs Martha's Vineyard


The ice cream was really good, but I think that thing that actually makes them so unique is their hand carved wooden sign.




By the time we were done stuffing our faces with some Mad Martha’s, it was already time to start making our was back to Summercamp Hotel to collect our luggage.




Before we could even make it back to Summercamp, we had to stop one more time, but this time it was for an iced coffee from Biscuits.




After collecting our luggage, it was already that time to make the five-minute walk over to the ferry station to catch our ride back to Woods Hole.




If you wanted to sum up our morning in Martha’s Vineyard, it basically went like this. Wake up, eat donut, eat breakfast, beach photo shoot, shopping, lunch, dessert, gingerbread cottages, iced coffee, Summercamp Hotel, and finally the Ferry. While it seems like we spent most of the day eating, this 24 hour Martha’s Vineyard trip was one of my favorite trips of the entire year.




Even though I was going on very little sleep, it was still one of the most relaxing, stress-free trips that I had recently been on. I think that’s what makes Martha’s Vineyard so special. The entire island has a very relaxed vibe wherever you go, which in turn, makes all of the visitors relaxed.




I look forward to many more future trips over to Martha’s Vineyard. There is still so much more left to explore and I can’t wait to come back!






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