The One and Only Costco Sioux Falls South Dakota location

The One and Only Costco Sioux Falls South Dakota location




The Costco Sioux Falls location has a special place in Costco’s location portfolio. In the entire state of South Dakota, the only Costco happens to be in Sioux falls.


As I talked about in my visiting every Costco in the world post, some Costco locations are in places you typically not head to for a vacation. So, to meet my goal of visiting every Costco in the world, I knew I would eventually have to make the long trek out to Sioux Falls.


I made it to the Costco Sioux Falls location shortly before closing time. The first thing that I noticed is they have an RV dealer that they share their parking lot with. Most Costco locations will have fast food places or other small business in their out lots, but not in Sioux Falls, they have RVs.


Costco Sioux Falls South Dakota RV Parking Lot


When I was out at the Costco Sioux Falls location, there was an apartment complex being built right next door and it has since been completed. I tried using Google Street View, but Google hasn’t updated any of their images since 2011, so you can’t find the Sioux Falls Costco since Google Street View just shows an empty field.


Costco Sioux Falls Apartment Complex


When I walked into the Sioux Falls Costco, I noticed that their optical doctor’s office is located outside the warehouse. Typically, the doctor’s office is right off the optical department. If I had to guess, it has to do with local regulations about eye care doctors. While the doctor’s office is located right outside of the Costco Sioux Falls location, it does have all of the branding for the eye doctor. This is very similar to the Costco locations that don’t sell liquor in the warehouse, but instead, sell at an independent liquor store attached to the building.


Costco Eye Exam Center


For being so close to closing, the warehouse was in great shape. Everything was nice, neat, and straight; I would have thought that that it would be messier this close to closing.

Back in their fresh departments, they had plenty of product out for sale. When I was in Sioux Falls, they were still doing carrot cupcakes in their bakery, which they don’t make any more, and yes, I did buy a pack for the road.


Costco Sioux Falls Muffins

Costco Wholesale Sioux Falls Bakery

Costco Wholesale Sioux Falls Prime Meat Department

Costco Sioux Falls Service Deli


One of the cool items that they were selling was the Pelican cooler. For those that don’t know a Pelican cooler is a high-end cooler that can keep ice cold for 10 days. The Pelicans competitor is the YETI cooler, which sells for about $100 more, but it isn’t as bulky as the Pelican cooler. I have seen the YETI cooler being sold at Costco as well. Most recently, I saw the YETI cooler for sale at the new Costco South Indianapolis location during their opening week.


Costco Sioux Falls Yeti Cooler


After I paid for my carrot cupcakes from the bakery, I headed towards the exit. I passed the tire shop, which looked clean and organized.


Costco Sioux Falls South Dakota Tire Center


The last surprise came right before the exit; 20 LB bags of ice that they had for sale for the low price of $2.45.


Costco Wholesale Sioux Falls South Dakota Ice 20LB


Overall, I was very happy with the Costco Sioux Falls location. It’s always nice to see that even though the Sioux Falls Costco is far from any major metropolitan city and far away from any other Costco locations, they still uphold the same standards that Costco has earned its stellar reputation for.


Do you have a unique item that your local Costco sells? We would love to hear about it! Leave us a comment below.



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