Costco Wholesale Pocatello Idaho


Before we get into anything about the Costco Pocatello location, I’m going to start by showing you where Pocatello, Idaho is. Pocatello is located in the far southeast corner of Idaho.


Costco Wholesale Pocatello Idaho Location


I happened to be in the Salt Lake City area for a few days, so I decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to road trip to the Costco Pocatello location. I knew it was a five-hour round trip drive from the Salt Lake City Costco location, but I thought that if I didn’t do the drive now, I wouldn’t make it to Pocatello, Idaho for some time. Let’s be honest, Pocatello isn’t exactly a place you would plan a vacation around.


When I made it to the Costco Pocatello location, the first thing I did was fill up the rental car with some Kirkland Signature gas. As I pulled up to the, what looked like a regular Costco gas station, I quickly noticed that there was something different going on at their gas pumps.  The Costco Pocatello location actually has window cleaner, squeegees, and paper towels available for use!


Costco Pocatello Idaho Gas Station


I know that it must seem outrageous that I am this excited about some window cleaner and squeegees, but almost no other Costco has those two items available for use. If you go to almost any gas station in the United States, those three items are pretty standard.


The reason Costco has said that they don’t provide window washer cleaner, squeegees, and paper towels is because they would rather not provide those and instead pass those savings onto the member in the form of an even deeper discounted gas price; I would rather save on the gas price and skip the window washer cleaner. So I was definitely excited and intrigued at the same time.


Just because the Costco Pocatello location provides these three additional items at their gas station doesn’t mean that they’re increasing their gas prices to cover the cost. It could just so happen that it is required at all gas stations in Pocatello country or the warehouse has decided to provide it as an extra member service benefit.


Once I had gotten over the paper towers, squeegees, and window cleaner, I filled up the car and headed inside the warehouse.


Costco Pocatello Outside


As soon as I walked in the front door they had two gift card displays. One was for the Salt Lake City Comic Con, where you could get two 3-day multi passes for only $99.00, which is a $40.00 savings. The other gift card was for a single day pass to Lagoon Park for only $39.99, which is a $15.96 savings.


Costco Pocatello Comic Con Discount


All of their merchandise was all stocked well and looked crisp and clean.


Costco Wholesale Pocatello Beach Towel

Costco Wholesale Pocatello Idaho Furniture

As I headed back to their liquor department, I noticed that they were featuring one of their hot buys. They had their 2 pack of California Chardonnay on sale for only $8.49 after a $3.00 instant rebate. As I walked around the warehouse, it was looking like almost every member had a pack in their cart. It isn’t that often that you see wine go on sale at Costco because their wine prices are already the best in the business.


Costco Wholesale Wine Discount


Their bakery was demoing the butter pound cake with some fresh strawberries.


Costco Wholesale 12 Count Butter Pound Cake

Costco Pocatello Bakery Products


The meat department didn’t have anything special going on while I was there, but all of the product was well stocked and they had plenty of variety to choose from.


Costco Pocatello Fresh Seafood


In the service deli there were two ovens, much like the Costco Gypsum Colorado location. They must not be a big rotisserie chicken location, because I can’t see them keeping up with all of their chicken sales with only two ovens. For comparison, the Costco Iwilei, which is the busiest Costco in the United States, has 8 rotisserie chicken ovens.


Costco Rotisserie Chicken Ovens


When I was walking around the warehouse there were even two of the famous 7 foot Costco bears lounging on a couch. I couldn’t have gotten one even if I wanted to because it wouldn’t have fit in my carry-on.


Large Costco Bears


The registers didn’t seem too busy but I believe that’s because I was there mid-week and mid-day, so most people were at work during that time.


Costco Pocatello Food Court

Costco Pocatello Organized Merchandise

Costco Pocatello Drinks

Costco Wholesale Pocatello Dry Goods


As I walked past the food court, I noticed that the tire shop had a large amount of floor space ain the front of the warehouse. They had batteries out front, next to the membership and on the other side of the tire shop they had 18 different styles of tires on display with a big stack of massive truck tires. When you entered the tire shop show room, it was clean and everything looked extremely organized.


Costco Wholesale Semi-Truck Tires

Costco Pocatello Clean Tire Shop

Costco Tires on Display


I’m glad I decided to make that five-hour drive from Salt Lake City to the Costco Pocatello location. While what was on the inside of the Costco Pocatello location look a lot like other Costco locations, it’s what was at the gas station that made the difference.


Have you ever noticed anything that your local Costco has that most other Costco locations don’t? If you have, let me know in the comments below because I’d love know!



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