BulkTraveler is at Shanghai Disneyland in CHINA!


Up until June 16, 2016, I had been to every Disney in the world. I had visited Disney World Florida, Disneyland California, Disneyland Paris, Disneyland Tokyo, and Disneyland Hong Kong. I even spend a week at Disney’s Aulani Resort in Hawaii. You might say I like Disney almost as much as I like Costco.


So what changed on June 16, 2016? Disney opened its doors to its sixth theme park, Disneyland Shanghai China.


While each Disney resort has its personal theme that is unique to that country, in large they are mostly the same. You get fantastic customer service, quality food, and thrilling attractions. Now remember that all of this does come at quite a hearty price tag, but for the level of service that you receive, it is well worth it for me.


Toy Story Hotel Shanghai Disneyland


Like my goal for visiting every Costco in the world, I also have the goal of visiting every Disney theme park. My goal had been completed until they opened the doors to the Shanghai Disneyland. When the opening date was set, we started planning another trip back to China so we could experience a brand new Shanghai Disneyland.


Shanghai Disneyland Alice in Wonderland Maze


So far I’ve been impressed with what I’ve seen. The Shanghai Disneyland staff has been doing a great job keeping the park in that ‘like new’ condition; I wouldn’t expect anything less from Disney.


For those of you wondering how I’m doing with the food situation over here, I’m doing just fine. Just like all of the other Disney resorts around the world, the Shanghai Disneyland has quite the extensive list of western food options. They even have a pizza that is shaped like Mickey’s head!


Shanghai Disneyland Food Pizza


For those of you that would put off a trip to China because you’re worried about the food options there, worry no more! You can plan your trip to China around a weeklong adventure to the brand new Shanghai Disneyland.


Disneyland Shanghai China Train Station


While I’m here in China, I will be taking lots of pictures and gathering tons of information so that I can deliver a complete comprehensive review of what the Shanghai Disneyland has to offer.

The plan going forward is to start introducing some more content about the different Disney theme parks that I’ve visited around the world. This will be in addition to all of the great Costco and travel content that you’ve grown accustomed to.


There is more great content coming from BulkTraveler, so hold onto your seat and hang on because this ride is just getting started.


BulkTraveler Visits Shanghai Disneyland Pinterest



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