What $30 a night gets you in Chiang Mai Airbnb

Chiang Mai Airbnb

When we were planning our journey to Chiang Mai, we started out by looking for hotel accommodations. We started out by looking at the Le Meridien in Chiang Mai; it is one of the most luxurious hotels in Chiang Mai and the price defiantly reflects that. The starting rates were around 6100 Baht, aka $173. We were about to settle for the Le Meridien when my sister suggested that we check out Chiang Mai Airbnb rentals.

BulkTraveler Chiang Mai Airbnb

We had never used Airbnb before, so we were hesitant at first; but once we saw what our options were we decided to just jump in with both feet. There are tons of options on Airbnb that start out for just $10 a night. We settled on a whole apartment rental that had two bedrooms, one bathroom, a living room, and best of all, a view.

Our Chiang Mai Airbnb rental was located in Galae Thong Tower, which is just south of one of the major night markets.

Galae Thong Tower Chiang Mai

We were on the 9th floor of Galae Thong Tower, in unit 909. When you walk into the lobby of the condo complex there is a reception desk where we picked up the keys to our rental. In the lobby, there is a small shop that sells some Thai ice cream, drinks, and snacks. The front desk also has a pay by the pound laundry service available if you are staying long term.

When you enter the rental, you enter into the living room; just off to the right was a small kitchen, and to the left you had the two bedrooms and the bathroom that also had a washer.

Chiang Mai Airbnb Washer

Chiang Mai Kitchen Airbnb Thailand

Galae Thong Living Room Airbnb

The owners of the rental left a detailed list of things to do in the area as well as a map. They had their phone number posted on the map, and it said if you had any questions what so ever to give them a call. Knowing that calling them was always an option made us more secure in our choice to rent with Chiang Mai Airbnb.

Galae Thong Airbnb Bike Rental

Our rental came with fast free Wi-Fi, satellite TV (who watches TV on vacation?), as well as two bicycles that were free for use as well.

Wi-Fi Chiang Mai Airbnb

The rental was very clean when we arrived, and there were washcloths and towels available for personal use.

Another highlight of the rental was the bathroom. It featured a large soaking tub and a giant rain shower. The rental also had shampoo and conditioner dispensers next to the shower.

Galae Thong Airbnb

Chiang Mai Galae Thong Bathroom

Chiang Mai Airbnb Bathroom

Both of the bedrooms had full sized beds that were extremely comfortable and we both slept well that night.

We didn’t make it to the condo pool or tennis courts, but they are located about a five-minute walk from the condo complex.

One of the best parts of the rental was the city view that we had from our balcony. Nothing beat watching that sunset at night.

Chiang Mai Hotel Airbnb View

There were frequently tuk-tuk’s zipping past the condo complex, so it was easy to get anywhere in the city for a cheap price. We would typically just offer 100 Bhat regardless of where we wanted to go. I know that was over paying most of the time, but when you’re use to paying the taxi rates from Chicago, 100 Bhat felt like a steal to us, so it was worth it.

Chiang Mai Tuk Tuk

When we would leave the condo and head into the city, we never had any problems getting back to Galae Thong Tower. Every tuk tuk driver knew exactly where it was as long as we just said the same of the tower. When we first started out we would just show them a paper with the name and address on it and shame on me, I just assumed that everyone could read English which wasn’t the case. So as long as you can pronounce ‘Galae Thong Tower’ or the name of wherever you are staying, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Chiang Mai Airbnb Bedroom View

We never felt unsafe in our rental. Everyone we encountered was extremely friendly and you could tell that there were lots of other travelers staying in other rentals in the Galae Thong Tower.

If there are ever any problems with your Airbnb rental, you can always reach out the owners through the app; if for some reason they don’t respond, you can always contact Airbnb directly and they will do everything they can to resolve any problem that you might encounter.

All in all, we had a great experience renting with Airbnb, and it was this experience that opened the door to other future fantastic Airbnb experiences. It’s something that you can rent an entire house for the same price of a small hotel room.

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