That time I went to Costco South Jordan in search of a view

Costco South Jordan

When most of leave work every day we see other buildings, cars, houses; you know, the usually city stuff. How would you like it if you could walk out of work and have one of the most breathtaking views every day. Well, if you move to Utah, you can get a job at the Costco South Jordan location, and have one of the most amazing views I’ve ever seen outside of a Costco.

Costco South Jordan Utah

I’ve been to Costco locations in Hawaii, Japan, California, Canada… basically all over; and I can truly say I have never seen such an utterly fantastic view as I did at Costco South Jordan.

Costco Wholesale South Jordan

The Costco South Jordan location opened back in August 2014, so it still has that new Costco smell. Just kidding, it already had the typical Costco smell of hotdogs and chocolate muffins – which isn’t a bad thing.

Costco South Jordan Bakery

When you walk into the warehouse, you are going to enter on the left side, which is typically the exit on all new locations. So the Costco South Jordan location is basically flipped around.

Costco South Jordan Hardlines

You’re going to walk into their major appliances off to the left hand side followed by their office supplies, kitchen accessories, lightbulbs, and automotive. Around aisle 112 they do have some cool strands of lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling, which I thought was a pretty cool want to display them because you really do get to see how long the rope lights really are.

Costco South Jordan Lighting

When you get over to their dairy cooler, you will notice that all of their milk comes in boxes and not the gallon jugs that we are used to here in the Midwest.

Costco South Jordan Milk

The Costco South Jordan has the Bakery, Service Deli, and Meat Department. All of the departments in the fresh areas looked fully stocked and had some great looking products. The meat department had some amazing looking steaks and if I weren’t 1,400 miles from home, I definitely would have picked a pack up.

Costco South Jordan Meat Department

Something that you typically only see in Costco business centers, but that you –will- find at the Costco South Jordan location is cardboard food trays and to go containers. This surprised me, because the largest Costco in the world that is a dual Costco Business Center and regular Costco Warehouse is only about twenty minutes away.

Costco South Jordan Packaging

Another thing you will notice is that this location does not have any liquor for sale. That is because of the strict alcohol laws in the state of Utah.

Costco South Jordan Juice

Costco Wholesale South Jordan Utah

In terms of the items that they sell, or the way that the store is setup, there isn’t much that’s different from other new Costco locations. The thing that really sets this location apart is the view that you experience when you walk out those doors.

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What view do you have when you exit your local Costco? Post about it and leave a picture in the comments below.

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