Costco Salt Lake City – The Largest Costco in The World

Costco Salt Lake City - The Largest Costco in The World

Costco Salt Lake City – The Largest Costco in The World

A few months back the BulkTraveler staff was on a large multi-state Costco tour. During our Costco tour we stopped by the Costco Salt Lake City location. We knew ahead of time that this Costco was going to be the largest Costco location in the world. When we arrived, the Costco Salt Lake City location was still under heavy construction.

Costco Salt Lake City Construction

As reported by Desert News, with the completion of the hybrid Costco, the total size of the warehouse is 235,000 square feet.

When we visited the Costco in August, it looked like it was still about 8 months away from opening. Even though they still had a bit of work to do, they had already started rolling in the business type products. They had expanded the produce cooler and made it a giant product/meat cooler.

Costco Salt Lake City Business Center

Near the coffee section, they had an abundance of different industrial sized coffee syrups and beans. While the construction was going on they didn’t want the shopping experience to be sacrificed. All of the fresh departments still had quality product out and everything appeared to be running as a normal day.

What I found interesting about this location, was that it seems like an odd place to put a Costco Business Center. Costco has typically put business centers where there is either a large tourist industry, or in a place where where there is large population density. I feel a Costco Salt Lake City location doesn’t meet any of the criteria. If I had to guess I would say that Costco Wholesale is using the Costco Salt Lake City location as a test to see how the hybrid location fares. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see more hybrid locations going up in markets that can’t support a dedicated business center.

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Salt Lake City Utah

BulkTraveler wishes the largest Costco in the world, Costco Salt Lake City, the best of luck and congratulations on their new building addition.

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If you have any questions about the new Costco Salt Lake City location, then please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below.

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