Costco Grand Chute (Appleton) Wisconsin – Now Open!

Costco Grand Chute Appleton Now Open

Costco Grand Chute (Appleton) Wisconsin – Now Open!

Costco Grand Chute (Appleton) opened it’s doors on On November 8, 2015 to become the ninth Costco location in the state of Wisconsin. On our mammoth North America Costco New Location tour, we finally made it to the half way point. The Costco Grand Chute location was the last location opening in the state of Wisconsin for 2015.

We didn’t make it to the Costco Grand Chute location until the day after their grand opening. We typically try to made it for either the VIP or opening day. This time I am actually happy we didn’t go on opening day. From what we have been told, opening day was absolutely crazy. We were told that parking was a nightmare and it was like a maze walking through the store. When we went the day after opening, it was busy, but not to the point where it felt overwhelming.

We got to the Costco Grand Chute location at around 5pm on Saturday, and the store was still looking very organized and well stocked. There wren’t boxes all over the place, and the fresh departments still have plenty of product out for sale. The only thing that was unique about this location, was that there is a funny partial wall coming out of the bakery department. It almost looks like it was done on accident. (see pictures below)

If there was one thing we wish we could fix about the Costco Grand Chute location, it would have to be asking their members to not wear so much Green Bay Packer attire. I kid you not when I tell you that almost every member was wearing something Packer related. All jokes aside, BulkTraveler wishes the Grand Chute Costco the best of luck and congratulations on their new opening.

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Costco Grand Chute Wisconsin

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If you have any questions about the new Costco New Berlin location, then please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below.

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