Costco Coralville Iowa – Nothing beats all indoor parking


Costco Coralville Iowa

On our quest to find the most unique Costco Wholesale locations in the world, we came across the Costco Coralville Iowa location. This was the first location we visited that had an entire indoor parking garage. I bet the Coralville Costco, is the one store where people actually want to push carts. Inside the location you quickly can tell that this location was a conversion and not a new build. It looks like it could have been some type of depot. All in all this is a very unique location, and it is always interesting to see Costco locations that have been converted from something else.

Even though this building was a conversion, the inside was still very clean and organized. The fresh departments were well stocked and the all around quality was fantastic. The outside grounds of the Costco Coralville were well maintained and it was looking picture perfect.

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Costco Coralville

The Costco Coralville location is one of two Costco locations in the State. The other Costco is located in Des Moines, Iowa. (There will be a post coming soon on the Costco Des Moines location.) You can see more pictures of the Costco Coralville location in the gallery below.

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