Why do we write about Costco Wholesale?

The other day on twitter, a tweeter asked me why we write about Costco. I decided to explain it here for anyone who is interested.

When people travel to a new destination some people like to go to the local art museum and stare at a line drawn on a piece of canvas that is considered art and amazing, while some people may find they enjoyable, I think it is wild to stare at ‘art work’ for hours on end.

That is the way I am sure most people think when I visit a Costco on my trips around the world. When I go to a new place, I like to check out a Costco. It just amazes me how a corporation can keep stores so consistent and ensure the majority of the employees understand their business model. Costco is customer service, member driven business, and they have found a way to teach that to their employees across hundreds of stores. That is why thousands upon thousands of people are members are shop there on a regular basis.

Just like some people will write an article about the local bakery in London, I like to write about the local Costco. People are intrigued by Costco. All over the internet people who don’t have a Costco near them, want one, and if I can supply them with pictures and information that can bring them some enjoyment, that is what I will continue to do.

By writing about Costco, I must be doing something right, because my posts about the different Costco locations bring in hundreds of readers daily. One of the most read articles in the Costco category was about the Future Costco in Sugar Land, Texas. One of the newest posts that has taken off is the Future Costco coming to Bellevue-Green Bay, Wisconsin.

If I can travel around the world (Mexico, Europe, Australia, Japan, Korea, and Canada) while visiting the different Costco’s and sharing my experiences along the way, that is what I will continue to do. I can promise you that I am not paying the thousands of dollars in airfare that it would cost to get to these places. I travel to these destinations primary using miles for the airfare and points for the nights in hotel. By doing this I will be able to share with you travel tips and tricks I know and the mistakes I have made along the way. So when I travel to a new destination I will continue doing my trip reports, tourist attractions, Disney news, and yes, Costco reviews. So hold onto your seat, because there are great things to come in the future.





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