Costco Business Center – Las Vegas, Nevada

Costco Business Center – Las Vegas, Nevada

Costco Las Vegas Vegas Business Center

I was recently on one of my quarterly trips to Las Vegas when I decided I would hit up the Las Vegas Costco Business Center. I had been there once before, but I didn’t take any pictures so I made a special trip just for the BulkTraveler readers out there.

Costco Business Center Las Vegas House BulkTraveler

For those unfamiliar, here is a little background on what a Costco Business Center is. If you think Costco already sells in bulk, you haven’t seen anything yet. The Business Center is there to cater to the small businesses and mega businesses. They deal with many of the Casinos on the strip. The business can write down what they need purchased, fax the purchase order over, and Costco will even deliver it to your place of business. You always hear people saying, “I don’t need 50 pounds of onions.” Even though at a regular Costco the bag is only I believe 10 pounds, the onions here really do come in a 50 pound bag.

Anybody that holds an active Costco membership can come and shop here. Don’t anticipate finding anything in small quantities though, everything, including the Cheese come in mega packs. Just ensure that you take a look at their store hours below, as they differ from those of a regular Costco.

Costco Business Center Las Vegas Cheese BulkTraveler

When you first approach the entrance, you will come upon one of my favorite signs that I have ever seen at a Costco. The first line starts “Thank You For.” “…Keeping your children with you at all time.” You would think that would always be a given when out shopping, but obviously not. If there is a sign, that means at one point someone had to really mess up to make it necessary.

Costco Thank You For BulkTraveler

When you first walk in off to the right side, they have hundreds of business kitchen grade knives and utensils.

Costco Business Center Las Vegas BulkTraveler

As you make your way along the right side you will pass some variety pack red bull, soda bibs for your personal or business soda machine, and Costco branded copy paper.

Costco Business Center Las Vegas Soda Bibs BulkTraveler

Costco Business Center Las Vegas Nevada Business Center Red Bull BulkTraveler

The Costco Business Center doesn’t have a Service Deli, Food Court, Meat Department (only by the case meat), Tire Center, Pharmacy, Optical, Bakery, or One Hour Photo.

In place of those departments they have a mega walk-in cooler where they even offer some nice winter jackets for you to wear if you wish to. In this cooler they have jumbo packs of cheese, butter, yogurt, etc.

Costco Business Center Las Vegas Winter Jacket Cooler BulkTraveler

Where their bakery department would usually be, they have a section with tables of different brands of bread products and pastries. None of the items in the room are made on location.

Costco Business Center Las Vegas Bakery BulkTraveler

For all of you out there that like cooking meat on a tick over an open fire, they sell a full frozen lamb. If I wasn’t flying home, maybe I would have brought one home as a gift for my parents. Well, maybe not, they would probably just look at my funny and then tell me to take it with me on my way out.

Costco Business Center Las Vegas Frozen Lamb BulkTraveler

When you make your way to the front of the Warehouse, they have a Print & Copy Center, where they will do all of your printing needs. They do flyers, posters, laminating, and basically anything a Copy Max or Kinko’s would do.

Costco Business Center Las Vegas Print & Copy Center BulkTraveler

I think the most appropriate way to end this post is to tell you that my favorite candy is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. I think I started liking them so much because they are my dad’s favorite, so I was always exposed to them growing up. Anyways, this really shows you what the Costco Business Center is all about; they have a massive display of everything Reese’s. That is what you will find for everything at the Costco Business Center. They don’t just to have one type of Red Bull, they have 5 different types, and same goes for dairy products, and office supplies. It is truly your one stop shop for everything business related.

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