Costco Lincoln Park Chicago – The Food Court With Vienna Beef

Costco Lincoln Park – The Food Court With Vienna Beef

Costco Lincoln Park Chicago

When I visit a Costco, I try to find things that are unique to that particular location. The one thing Costco does pretty well is they try and keep all locations worldwide uniform. Even with all of the new buildings opening, like the one in Sugar Land, Texas and the other in North Fort Worth, Texas, they are building them so they have a nearly identical layout and footprint. Now this doesn’t mean the products they carry will all be the same.

Costco Lincoln Park Floor

The Lincoln Park, Chicago Costco has a few major things that set them apart from all of the Costco’s worldwide. The first major thing is in the food court, instead of selling the Kirkland Signature hot dog for $1.50 (+tax), they sell a Vienna Beef hot dog for the same price of $1.50+ tax (more on this later). The second thing that sets them apart is because they are in the City of Chicago, they charge this ridiculous water tax of 5 cents per bottle.

Costco Vienna Beef Hot Dog Food Court

This location is right in the center of Lincoln Park Chicago. For those of you that don’t know, Lincoln Park is the ‘cool’ place to live if you are in the 21-35 age range. The Costco is located at 2746 North Clybourn Ave. When people refer to this Costco they usually just say the Costco on Clybourn, or Lincoln Park Costco.


I was there mid-day on a Wednesday, and this is the only time I would go to this Location. It is one of the busiest locations in all of the mid-west, so go during off peak times like Monday through Thursday either right when they open or from 1-3.

Costco Lincoln Park Tire Shop

If you plan on purchasing any bottled water at this location, be prepared to pay a pretty hefty tax of 5 cents per bottle. This might not sound like a lot, but when you are buying in bulk of 35 bottles at a time you will end up paying an extra $1.75 per case! Costco does do a good job of showing the extra tax you will be paying right on the sign. If you do have to buy bottled water at any Chicago location, like their new Chicago South Loop location, you are better off buying the bigger liter bottles so you get a 12 pack and only pay 60 cents extra in tax.

Costco Lincoln Park

The Costco Chicago Lincoln Park location happens to be right next to the Vienna Beef factory where they make the famous Vienna Beef Hot Dogs. Because of this Costco’s close proximity to the factory, they sell Vienna Beef hot dogs in their food court.

Costco Lincoln Park Vienna Beef

The hotdogs are the same extra-long dogs that you are used to from any other Costco worldwide. The quality is that same that you would expect from not only Costco, but also Vienna beef.

Costco Lincoln Park Food Court

While you are at this location, make sure you also get one of their gelato cones. This is more common over on the west coast Costco’s, but it is one of the only ones with gelato in the mid-west currently.


All in all, the Costco Chicago Lincoln Park location is a good location if you are traveling to Chicago and want to check out a Costco with some different food choices; or you live in the area and you want to get your Vienna Beef Hot Dog for lunch and/or dinner.

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Costco Lincoln Park Chicago

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