Hotel Review – My short stay at the Sheraton Carlsbad

Hotel Review – My short stay at the Sheraton Carlsbad.

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A few weeks ago I had gotten the weekend off from work, and both of my sisters were going to be out in L.A. I decided I would jet out there and meet up with them for some sightseeing. Because this was so last minute, and I was going to be using AA miles, my only option was to fly into San Diego and drive to L.A. This wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, because I don’t mind driving and it gave me a chance to meet up with some old friends and chat points and miles over breakfast.

I was getting into San Diego past midnight so I wanted to stay somewhere just north of San Diego, so I settled on the Sheraton Carlsbad. It was just outside San Diego and got me going in the correct direction towards Long Beach, CA.

I arrived at the Sheraton a little past 1AM, and my clock was still on Chicago time so it was more like 3AM to me. When you turn in for the entrance of the Sheraton, you have to drive a bit down this long but well lit road. I was actually having a difficult time finding the main entrance. I’m not sure if this was because I was sleep deprived or maybe it was because the signage wasn’t great, I’m honestly not sure. I ended up just parking in the first empty parking spot and then I started walking around the hotel until I finally made it to the entrance.

Sheraton Carlsbad Entrance
When I finally made it to the lobby they gentleman at the check in desk said “Mr. Barnstable we have been expecting you.” I was quickly checked in after choosing my SPG Platinum amenity of 500 bonus Starpoints, and I then headed outside the main lobby into another building and made my way up to my room. All of the rooms are entered from inside a building but there are multiple buildings for this hotel.

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The hotel room was very spacious. The first thing I now do when I enter a room is take pictures. Even though I could hardly figure out how to use the camera this night, I made it happen, because I know if I waited till the next day the room would already be a mess.

I was in a room with a King Bed, with a view of the country, or hills, or whatever it was. It was very pleasant to look out my window. The room and the bathroom were both very clean.

Sheraton Carlsbad View
As always I am a fan of the Sheraton beds, and this one was no different. I slept very comfortably all night.

Sheraton Carlsbad King Bed
This hotel happens to be only minutes from LEGOLAND California. So if you are traveling with kids and are planning on visiting this theme park, this is the hotel of choice. This way you will be staying close by and you get your own private entrance into the park.

The price of this hotel is around $150 a night or 10,000 Starpoints. I personally just paid for the night because that comes out to a value of only 1.5 cents per Starpoints, and I can usually get a way better value for my Starpoints.

I was heading out early the following the next morning, so when I woke up I headed out to their pool area.

Sheraton Carlsbad Pool Area
It is a really large pool. When I was out there at 8:00 am, there were already people lounging in the pool which I surprised me. There were lounge chairs all around the pool, and you needed your room key to enter the pool area.

Sheraton Carlsbad Pool

Overall, my short stay was a very pleasant one. If I was ever in the area again I would not hesitate to stay here a second time.

After taking a few quick pictures of the beautiful pool I started the treasure hunt to find my car. While I was trying to find my car I came across this snail, so I will leave you with a picture of Mr. Snail.

Sheraton Carlsbad Snail

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