Costco Carolina Puerto Rico – Food Court Hamburger & Fries

Costco Carolina Puerto Rico – Food Court Hamburger & Fries

Costco Carolina Slider

On our quest to visit every Costco in the world, it brought us to the sunny southern island of Puerto Rico. In Puerto Rico there are four Costco locations: Carolina, East Bayamon, West Bayamon, and Caguas. The third stop on our Costco tour was going to be Costco Carolina. Carolina (San Juan) is the capital of Puerto Rico and it is only 21 minutes east of the San Juan Marriott Resort.

Costco Carolina Puerto Rico BulkTraveler

We actually stopped at Costco Carolina location on the way home from our trip to the El Yunque National Forest. We got there about mid-day and I was surprised that it wasn’t that crowded. So far on this trip, Caguas and West Bayamon were both very crowded.

Costco Carolina Major Sales

Whereas the other two locations had supplements right when you walk in, the Costco Carolina location had a lot of home cleaning products.

Costco Carolina Entrance

All of the merchandise on the way back to their fresh departments was all nicely stocked and very organized.

Costco Carolina Merch Setup

Right before you got to their fresh departments, they had their massive sectionals setup.

Costco Carolina Puerto Rico Furniture

When we got to the bakery, they had some bread left from their mix and match bread roadshow. I loved seeing their signs in Spanish. It isn’t something I am used to here in the United States, so it’s always entertaining to see something different.

Costco Carolina Bread Roadshow

They also had a sign by their cakes, stating that there was a quality problem with the cheesecake filling so they would be using chocolate filling temporarily.

Costco Carolina Cheesecake Cake Filling

In the meat department, they had their Costco famous fresh Atlantic Salmon in their end cap. The interesting thing about the salmon is that the majority of the salmon was cut pretty small. I’m used to seeing the entire fillet in the package.

Costco Carolina Alantic Salmon

A big thing all throughout Puerto Rico Costco’s is veal.

Costco Puerto Rico Veal

In the deli department they had another item I had never seen before. They had this fantastic looking 6-layer dip. It had Sour Cream, Guacamole, Cheddar Cheese, Pinto Beans, Black Beans, and Salsa.

Costco Carolina Puerto Rico 6 Layer Dip

Costco Carolina Puerto Rico Deli Dip

As we made our way past the product cooler we noticed that there was a large plastic shade. After a quick peak around the shade, it was evident that they were building another cooler/freezer.

Costco Carolina Adding Additional Cooler

At the Costco Carolina location they had another few items that I had never seen before.

Costco Carolina Toasty Peanut Butter Crackers

Sangriiia Costco Carolina

This was the first location in Puerto Rico I noticed that had a large tobacco cage.

Costco Carolina Tobacco

The fun started when we got to the food court. At all of the Food Court’s in Puerto Rico they sell hamburgers and fries, and let me tell you they are amazing. It is a large ¼ burger that tastes like it is cooked to perfection. It taste very similar to the pre-cooked Angus burgers that we sell in the United States, which I happen to love.

Costco Carolina Food Court Hamburger

While the typical Costco has Ketchup, Relish, Mustard, and Deli Mustard; the Costco’s in Puerto Rico had Ketchup, Mustard, Mayonnaise, and Relish.

Costco Carolina Condiments

This food court was looking a little aged, but where was a sign stating that they were going to be closed for a short amount of time to remodel.

Costco Carolina Puerto Rico Food Court

Costco Carolina Closing for Construction

They must sell a lot of Pizzas at this location, because they have an entire cart next to their trash cans that is dedicated to the empty boxes.

Costco Carolina Pizza Cart

All in all, this was a very clean and organized location. They even had a nice sign by the exiting letting you know about all of the deals that they had for vaccinations, for humans and pets alike.

Costco Carolina Vaccination

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Costco San Juan

If you have any questions about the Costco Carolina Puerto Rico location, then please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below.

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