How To Apply For A Job At Costco Wholesale

HowTo: Apply For A Job At A New Costco

With all of the posts that we put up about the building of new Costco’s, the most common question we get it “How can I apply for a job at this location.” We here at PointCrazed, decided we would make a little guide to show you where to go so you can get your application in for your new local Costco location as soon as the job listings are available.

Start by going to the Costco Jobs Website or you can go the long way and go to and scroll all the way to the bottom where it says Jobs.

On the left hand side of the screen you are going to see
“Our business is growing : come join our team : click here to apply online

Costco Job Website BulkTraveler

You should now see a page that says Welcome to Costco. Near the bottom of the page you should see “Grand Openings”

Click the store you want to apply for.

When you click the new store you wish to apply for you should see that store location at the top (i.e LEXINGTON, KY – 2921 POLO CLUB BLVD)

Costco Grand Openings BulkTraveler

You can now choose to apply for a specific department or position or just apply for any position. I believe any time you apply for a job it is best to say you are open to doing any position because it is going to show that you really want a job and you are willing to learn even if it isn’t something you have done in the past.

Costco Store Info BulkTraveler

If you want to read about the position you are going to apply for you will click the title (i.e click stocker to read what a stocker responsibilities are and what the job entails.

Whichever you decide to apply for you will just click the Apply button next to the position you are trying to apply for

Once you are on the page you will now start the formal application process which according to the website “The application process will take between 10 and 50 minutes depending on the position for which you are applying.” Fill out the application and when you are all done you will click submit.

Good Luck!

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