Costco Cincinnati Ohio – Can I Get Bacon On My Pizza?

Costco Deerfield Ohio – Can I Get Bacon On My Pizza?

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I was recently passing through Cincinnati Ohio, when I just happened to wouldn’t you know it, come across a Costco. I had a lot of time so I figured I would make a quick stop. This particular location happens to be set back inside a shopping center called WaterStone Center.


When I first noticed the WaterStone Center entrance sign that lists all of the stores, the first thing I noticed was how faded the Costco Logo looked. I was actually a little surprised to see this because Costco usually likes to keep everything looking in tip-top shape and this sign happens to look as it has gotten a little to much time out in the sun.

Costco Deerfield Sign

Note: I have been to this location again since I was first there and they have replaced their hour sign.

Costco Deerfield Hours Open

Before I entered the store I noticed that they must have changed their hours recently be because they had used stickers to cover up the closing time on Saturdays. This sign was looking a little warped from the sun as well.

Off to the right of the entrance it is the entrance to their tire center, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see the external tire center shop entrance moved inside. It has been looking like a lot of Costco’s have been doing that.

Costco Deerfield Tire Center

When you first walk into the Deerfield, Ohio Costco location, the first thing you notice is that they went big on their summer seasonal displays. They looked AMAZING. They ha a massive swimming pool set up in their steel along with many different inflatable rafts and floats. I was in a small rental and I wouldn’t of had size for that pool but their display did make me want it.

Costco Deerfield Summer Setup

Back in their Service Deli they do sell the Hot Wing Platters. I have seen this product out in the California area (Torrance and Culver City) but I have yet to see it out here in the Mid-West,. For anyone that hasn’t tried these hot wings yet, you should. It comes with Frank’s RedHot Sauce inside and it does pack quite the kick.

Costco Deerfield Ohio Wings

Costco Deerfield Ohio Deli

For being a Wednesday around 2pm, it was defiantly a little more crowded than I anticipated. Besides their signs on the outside of the building looking a little dated, the inside of the store was looking up to what I believe are Costco’s high standards.

When I was leaving I wanted to stop by their food court and pick up a mocha for the road. When I got to the counter I noticed that they had these cool looking pizza order forms on the counter. I asked the employee if I could take one and she said sure.

Costco Pizza Order Hotline

She then said, this pizza isn’t on there but we also do a meat lovers pizza. I was like “oh what comes on it?” She responded saying, sausage, pepperoni, and … BACON. I was pleasantly surprised. I personally love bacon and if I was able to get that by my house that would be a great bargain. Most meat lovers pizzas go for about $14.99. On this type of pizza your MMV (milage may vary) because I don’t believe most stores are going to offer bacon on your food court pizza. It doesn’t hurt to ask and if they do its a great thing, because if you are a bacon lover like me, having it on a pizza just make any day great.

Costco Deerfield Ohio

This location has great inside warehouse with all of their massive displays, the outside signs could use a little TLC but I am sure that will be addressed eventually. (This has been updated as noted earlier in the article.)

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Costco Deerfield Ohio

Costco Deerfield Parking Lot

If you have any questions for us or you would like us to visit a particular location, let us know in the comments below.

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