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Costco Culver City: Marina del Rey, California – Birds and Boxes

Costco Culver City Marina del Rey

I arrived at the Culver City location at around 11:30 AM on a Sunday. This just happened to be the last weekend for the coupons so I was anticipating that it would be busy, but I had no idea what busy truly was. I have been in Costco’s on Black Friday, noon on Saturdays, and every other day that I thought was crazy busy. I was wrong, I didn’t know what busy truly meant.

When I pulled into the parking lot I had to park all the way by the receiving dock, which I might add is a very large receiving dock.

Costco Culver City Marina del Rey Dock

As I made my way into the store, I had to take a picture of the front of the store. It wasn’t easy, since the way this location has the awning you can’t get a good picture of the Costco logo. I walked back all the way back to the gas station, but I still couldn’t get a good picture.


When you enter the store, to the left they have their Membership counter, if you go in the exit door it is their refunds counter. They keep the two separate from each other, which I like because then there is no confusion on where the members should go. If you need to return something you go in the exit door, if you want to sign up for membership or you have a membership related question you go to the left through the entrance.

Costco Culver City Marina del Rey Refunds

The photo department is next to membership and their optical department which is usually next to photo, is up in the front of the warehouse right next to the refunds desk.

Costco Culver City Marina del Rey Membership

The amount of people that were in this location was absolute chaos. You would have thought Costco was giving stuff away for free (not including the many demos) there were so many people.

Costco Culver City Marina del Rey Store

As I made my way through the warehouse and headed towards the back I noticed something very different about this location. The bakery, which is usually opened up and has fans blowing the good smells out to the members, was instead walled off and in a box with windows. It was like the deli and meat department, where you can see the employees work, but you can’t smell the product being made, or hear what is going on inside. That is a reason why I typically pick up Costco bakery products, you walk by and smell them cooking their muffins and you just can’t help but pick up a pack. That won’t be happening here, because all of the fresh departments are boxed away.

Costco Culver City Marina del Rey Bakery

The service deli here had a Meat and Cheese Lasagna, which I would have purchased if I was at home, because it is an item I don’t think even the Torrance Costco carries.

Costco Culver City Marina del Rey Meat & Cheese Lasagana

At any Costco there are times when you think you are just running in to get one thing, but by the time you make it to the back of the warehouse you already have picked up much more and start wishing you had grabbed a cart. This location has solved that problem with their little cart center, where you can pick up a cart which is in their cooler section near the back of the warehouse.

Costco Culver City Marina del Rey Carts

Costco Culver City Marina del Rey Shirts

One thing I had mentioned when I was at the Torrance Costco, was the amount of birds that were around their food court and just hanging outside the Costco in general. I think because it was a little later in the day more birds decided to spend their day outside the Culver City Costco instead, because there must have been triple the amount of birds around their food court which is also outside.

Costco Culver City Marina del Rey  Birds

Costco Culver City Marina del Rey Food Court

I’m very happy I came and visited this location. I feel like this is an older store since I couldn’t find their opening date, but they have a lot of good things going for them. If I lived around here I would make my shopping days Monday – Wednesday between 1-3 when hopefully it wouldn’t as busy.

Costco Culver City Marina del Rey Membership

If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to post below.