Costco Torrance, California – The Deli Of Many Possibilities

Costco Torrance, California – The Deli Of Many Possibilities

Costco Torrance California Slider

On a recent trip to Los Angeles to visit my sisters who were down there on vacation, I realized pretty quickly that I was in the land of Costco. While I was driving, I was passing Costco after Costco. It felt like Costco is to to California like Mariano’s is to Chicago, there seems to be one within every large neighborhood.

I was on my way to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, and I decided I would stop off at the Costco in Torrance, California. I pulled up the POI on my GPS, and it was only a short distance off of the Harbor Freeway. When I was almost to the address the only thing I saw was a Sam’s Club. My first thought was maybe the POI was labeled as a Costco but it was actually a Sam’s. I turned into the Sam’s parking lot and drove around, and then I noticed the giant Costco located directly next door.

I finally made it into the parking lot and the first thing I noticed was that a lot of the cars parked near their tire center that had these red number cones on the top of their cars, out here in the mid-west I had never noticed those ever being used. It’s not because they don’t have them here in Chicago, because since my visit in Torrance, I have noticed them sitting inside the tire shops. I really like seeing them being used because it gives you a good visual on really how many cars are ahead of you.


Their Food Court happens to be outside of the warehouse. I am not a big fan of outside food courts, I noticed a few birds walking around and the idea of a bird landing on you while you try to eat doesn’t sound too great.

Costco Torrance Food Court

For being a little past 10A.M. I was very surprised at how crowded the store was. I felt like it was noon on a Saturday rather than 10A.M. on a Sunday.

Costco Torrance Parking Lot BulKTraveler

I made my way to the walk in dairy cooler as I was intrigued by the way their milk comes. At the majority of the Costco’s I have visited, the milk comes in gallon jugs. In the Torrance store you get two gallon jugs that come in a cardboard box. My guess would have to be they can fit more units on a pallet and the milk is less likely to get smashed by being in the box.

Costco Torrance Milk

The highlight of this location came when I made it to their deli case. This store is either a test store or the California Costco’s have a better Service Deli selection.

Costco Torrance Deli Case

Costco Torrance Deli Pizza

In their rotisserie chicken display they not only had the ready to eat mesquite wings but they also had the ready to eat pork back ribs with glaze. They used to have the ribs out here in the midwest, but they got rid of them about two years ago.

You can tell this is a high volume store just by the fact that they had 6 rotisserie chicken ovens. Some stores have as few as two ovens, while most stores have 4. When I was there they were running all six ovens with 32 chickens in each. It must be quite a job running all of those ovens at one time,not to mention how hot it must be in that room. (sorry for the less than perfect picture).


This store was a lot of fun to visit. When I was exiting the store and passing the membership desk, I liked the directional arrows they had on the floor. This way people making returns and signing up for membership know which way to form the line.

Even though there were hundreds of members in the Torrance Costco at 10A.M. they had enough staff to the point that the store was running nice and smooth.

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