Costco Pleasant Prairie Wisconsin – NOW OPEN

Costco Pleasant Prairie Wisconsin – NOW OPEN

Costco Pleasant Prairie Now Open Slider

After many months of waiting, the Costco Pleasant Prairie Wisconsin location is now open for business. You can see our original post about the building of Costco Pleasant Prairie Wisconsin by clicking here.

Costco Pleasant Prairie Main Entrance
Costco Pleasant Prairie Gas Station

This location has a gorgeous building. There is a lot of nice brickwork and other nice decorative frills on the outside. When you get to the inside of the store, there is also exposed brick which is unique. When you drive around the Pleasant Prairie area you will notice that all of the new construction has a lot of unique brickwork, and the city is obviously going for the higher end look.

Costco Pleasant Prairie Outside

Costco Pleasant Prairie Exterior

When walking into the store you will instantly notice that they no longer have a full service photo location. Instead, there are two small kiosk computers where members can order their pictures and they will arrive at the warehouse a few days later. We will have a separate post in the future around the new Costco photo department changes.



Compared to the Costco Perrysburg location, the merchandising isn’t as crisp or exciting here. They didn’t have any exciting displays, and there wasn’t anything that made you go “Wow!” This being a new store, I am sure they are still working on their displays, but it definitely didn’t stack up to Perrysburg.


Costco Pleasant Prairie Main Fence

Costco Pleasant Prairie Flags

Costco Pleasant Prairie Fan

The fresh departments were looking great. They bakery had this delicious ‘Fresh Berry Pie’ and the tables were full. The meat department was setup for the 4th of July because they had massive amounts of steaks out. The deli department was demoing their tortellini pasta salad which tasted absolutely phenomenal

Costco Fresh Berry Cream Pie

This store had a lot of demos going which is always a nice thing when you go in hungry. The store was looking very clean and the employees that I encountered were very friendly. This is a gorgeous building and I am sure it will be a very busy building in the coming years to come.

Costco Pleasant Prairie

Costco Pleasant Prairie Pet Food

If you have any questions, or if there is anything else you would like to know about this location, then please ask in the comments below.

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