Costco Louisville, Kentucky – $10.00 Propane Refills

Costco Louisville, Kentucky – $10.00 Propane Refills

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While I was on a recent day-cation in Lexington Kentucky, I had to make a quick trip over to the Costco Louisville Kentucky location. It is currently the only Costco in the state, but not for long. Come mid-October the Lexington, Kentucky location will be opening up (now open, this is an old post).

When I was driving from Lexington to Louisville it was a very ban thunderstorm. It was so bad to the points where I almost had to pull over. I was on a tight time schedule because I had a flight leaving out in a few hours and I wanted to fit in the Louisville Costco before I had to head over to the airport. I honestly don’t even know why I was still rushing because I knew with all of the lightning there was a slim chance I was going to be able to leave seeing as it was supposed to rain through the night and Chicago was also having rain as well.

When I arrived at the Louisville Costco it was still in a heavy downpour but I still stood there like a wet dog and took some pictures of the outside.

This Costco has a separate liquor department because I do believe Kentucky has some strange liquor laws. In their liquor store they sell all of the hard liquor and wine products. Their beer on the other hand is still sold inside of the Costco itself.

Costco Liquor Store

With it being just a few days away from the fourth of July, when you first walk into the Louisville Costco, there was a large display selling a massive TNT Firework kit. You got 67 pieces for only $129.99. For what you got people I have shown this to have told me it is an amazing deal. I was surprised to see this inside a Costco. Here in Illinois you would never see anything like this.

Costco Louisville Kentucky Fireworks

While I was making my loop around the inside the store, one thing I kept noticing was how clean their store was. Their bathrooms were spotless, their deli looked ‘like new’ and their store was free of any little debris on the ground.

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Costco Louisville Kentucky Clean Floor BulkTraveler

Costco Louisville Kentucky Fish BulkTraveler

Before I left the store I stopped at the Food Court and had a nice slice of cheese pizza and then I passed the nice big boat that they are trying to sell. I only had my ink plus card and a little bit of cash with me and regardless Costco doesn’t accept Master Card.. If I would have had my American Express Gold Charge Card, I could have charged the entire purchase on my card and then got a bunch of Membership Rewards points in the process.

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When I was driving out I noticed that they had something that I had not seen at any Costco location. They had a propane refill station. For only $10.99 you can bring your empty tank of grilling propane and a tire shop employee will refill it for you. Here in Chicago you are looking at about $19.99 and up for a refill. So if you fill your tank just five times in the summer that has just about covered the cost of the membership. I would be curious as to how many of their members are using thing. I am even more curious to see if they will be adding this to any new Costco locations opening up in the future.

Costco Louisville Kentucky Propane

Costco Louisville Kentucky Propane Station

Overall I was very impressed with the Louisville, Kentucky Costco location. Not only did they have a very organized and clean store but they also had something I had never seen in a Costco, the self fill propane. Now if I could have only purchased the big boat and brought it home with me. Oh right, it wouldn’t have fit in my carry on.

Costco Louisville Kentucky Boat

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