Costco St. Charles, Illinois #1040 – Empty Aisles And Dual Flush Toilets

Costco St. Charles, Illinois #1040 – Empty Aisles And Dual Flush Toilets

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Earlier this summer I was taking a little driving road trip, and as my luck would have it I ran over a pot hole and blew out my tire. I called the car dealer and they would of had to of order the tire which would have taken about a week. I went to my local Costco in Niles, Illinois and they didn’t have it in stock but they could do the next best thing. Through the Costco Michelin tire service they can get most Michelin tires to the store within 24 hours.

My store in Niles checked their depot and they didn’t have any of the size tire I needed. I though great…now I’m going to have to search the city of Chicago for my obviously rare tire size. Then I remembered that when there are a lot of Costco’s in a general area, some of them will get shipments from different Depot’s. I decided I would call up the Costco in St. Charles, Illinois which happens to be about 50 minutes away from where I live and see what they could do for me.

Sure enough they were able to order the tire for me over the phone, and the next day they called to let me know the tire did come in. I started my drive out there on my spare tire. After I got off the highway I was driving through some real suburban country.

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After I dropped my car off at the tire center, I had to make a quick trip to the restroom, where I came across my first Costco dual flush toilet. Costco is all about being green, with their auto lights and their massive sky lights, but I have never seen a location that has industrial dual flush toilets with instructions posted. If others have seen this please let me know in the comments below. Something as small as dual flush toilets might seem like a small thing, when hundreds people are flushing those toilets a day, we can cut down on a lot of water use of people would follow those instructions.

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I sure hope nobody was listening because I didn’t turn the noise off on my camera and I’m sure they would have been wondering what I was taking pictures of.

Aster I left the restroom I started my loop around the store, and I quickly realized that this was a very slow location. I am sure empty isles like these are only what people out in Torrance, California could dream of. Most of the store was empty, but I did ask an employee and they did say that the majority of their business is done during the dinner hours and on weekends.

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For being a slower location their store was, like I would expect, really clean and organized.

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After only walking around for 40 minutes my car was ready to be picked up, so as I made my way to the front of the St. Charles Costco location, I noticed that their food court was the place to be. It seemed as if every member that went into the store, was stopping at the food court for a bite to eat on their way out.

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I would say the best part of this entire experience was when I got to the tire center there was no wait. They took my car, put the tire on, and I was on my way. I like it when I can be in and out of a store in a relatively short amount of time.

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