Costco Across The Pond – Chingford London UK

Costco Across The Pond – Chingford London UK

Costco Across The Pond - Chingford London UK

I was recently in London and made it a point to stop by a few different Costco Wholesale locations. My first stop was in Chingford London UK.

Costco Chingford London Entrance

The outside of this Costco Tire Center looks very outdated compared to the buildings in the United States. It actually looks like something straight out of a 1976 Price Club brochure.

Costco Chingford London Tyre Center

Once inside, you hit the major sales department and the first thing I notice is they sell Apple Products. I was pleasantly surprised to see them selling Apple Mac Book Pros.

Costco Chingford London Apple Products

The rest of the warehouse seemed pretty standard, at least I thought it was standard until I made my way back to the deli. At the deli they use some packaging that is a little different than ours, but that was not the strange thing.

Costco Chingford London Service Deli

Costco Chingford London Deli

Costco London Biritish Rotisserie Chicken

The thing that I found strange, was the fact that they filled the empty counter with empty containers just to make the counter look full. I have never seen that in the United States so I was a little surprised by this.

Costco Chingford London Deli

The cool part of the store came when I made my way back up to the front of the warehouse to the food court. They had a lot of items I had never seen before:

Costco Chingford London Food Court Menu

Oasis Drink
Bakery Products (Chocolate Muffins and Cinnamon rolls)
BBQ Chicken Pizza
Jacket Potatoes
Cottage Pie
Hotdog without the drink (25p cheaper)

Costco London Jacket Potatoe

Costco London Food Court

The other cool thing, was that took credit cards at the food court counter. Food Courts in the United States used to accept credit cards, but that is a thing of the past due to the credit card transaction feed and the low margins on the food sold in the food court. Note: You can still pay with your American Express Costco Card or you Debit Card at the Managers desk.

The membership prices are a bit cheaper when you convert it from Pounds to USD.

Costco Chingford London Membership

This was my first time to a Costco in London, and I look forward to visiting more overseas locations in the near future.

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