Costco Issaquah #110 – The Flagship Corporate Location

Costco Issaquah #110 – The Flagship Corporate Location

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I was recently in Seattle for a day visiting my cousin who I hadn’t seen in about 5 years. I knew if I was going to be in Seattle, I would have to make the short trip to Issaquah to visit their corporate store.

The Issaquah location has always been on my to-see list of Costco’s. I made my way from Panera located somewhere in Seattle to the Issaquah Costco at 1801 10th Ave NW Issaquah, WA 98027.

Costco BulkTraveler Issaquah Map

The first thing I noticed upon arrival was that this Costco was in an amazing location. It was surrounded by large trees and it almost felt like you were in the country side even though you were in a big city.

Costco Issaquah BulkTraveler

I got there around 5pm on a Sunday and the parking lot was packed. It took me about 10 minutes to find parking. The lot looked to be about triple the size of any other parking lot I have seen for a Costco. There must have been over 500 cars if not more in the lot.

Costco BulkTraveler Issaquah Parking Lot

As I was walking into the entrance of the warehouse, I noticed that their Food Court was on the outside and had outside seating. We don’t have that here in the Chicagoland area, mainly due to the winter being long and not ideal for eating outside. They had their standard menu items with the addition of Gelato which we also have here at the Lincoln Park Chicago location. The food court was kept clean and they had all their registers open and they still had lines from the shear amount of people there.

Costco Issaquah BulkTraveler

When I go into a Costco I do one big loop around the store, with this being the store right by their headquarters I wanted to see what additional items they sold at their location. This store was definitely a lot larger than any other Costco I had been in. Not only did it have a lot more isles, they were also a lot wider and longer.

Costco BulkTraveler Issaquah Loop

While making my loop around the building,g I did notice their service deli had some items I had not seen before. They had a Hawaiian pizza and some different prepped raw meat items. Their counter was full and they had an additional end-cap cooler filled with pizzas, Caesar salads, and the current coupon item chicken alfredo. They went big with the coupon item and it really stood out as you were walking past.

Costco BulkTraveler Issaquah Deli Pizza

Costco BulkTraveler Issaquah Deli Setup

I was spending the night at the Westin in Seattle and I tend to drink a lot of bottled water so I picked up a case even though I was leaving the following afternoon. At $3.00 + tip for a bottle of room service water it definitely paid off. The case was $4.50 and I drank five bottles and my friend Matt drank four or five, so it was well worth it.

Costco BulkTraveler Issaquah Fresh Line

For being 5pm on a Sunday and still seeing hundreds of members inside shopping that building looked amazing. The aisles were mostly free of empty boxes, they had a lot of workers keeping the clothing nice and neat, and they had every register open (even though our cashier was a little on the slower side compared to what I have experienced at other locations). This location is a great example of what every other location needs to work towards achieving.

Costco BulkTraveler Issaquah Washington

The only downside to this warehouse was trying to get out of the parking lot. There were hundreds of cars trying to leave and this created massive traffic jams in the parking lot. They could use a few people directing traffic so that getting out of the parking lot wouldn’t take so much time. From the time I made it back to my car to the time I was out of the lot took about 25 minutes. Luckily for the employees, I noticed a little satellite parking lot for the employees across the street.

If you are interesting in apply for a job at the Costco Issaquah location you can find out how to apply by clicking here.

This was a great warehouse to visit and it is another Costco that can be crossed off of my to-see Costco list.

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