Costco opened its doors in the Bedford Park location in 2000. At the time, the Costco Bedford park location was one of the first locations in Illinois. This location, in particular, catered to the large local Hispanic population by carrying lots of local goods. It was not welcomed news when Costco Bedford Park announced that it was converting their location into a Costco Business Center.




I had never seen Costco convert a location into a business center.  I was intrigued enough to make a special trip to the Costco Bedford Park location just before they were officially making the switch over to a business center.


The warehouse had signage all over, letting everyone know that the warehouse was closing and where the members could find other local Costco locations. The closest locations are Orland Park and South Loop.


img_1144  img_1138


By the time I visited the Costco Bedford Park location, they had already closed a lot of the ancillary businesses. The photo lab, hearing aid, optical, pharmacy, meat, deli, and bakery had already been closed.





Even though their fresh department had already stopped production, they were still stocking their goods. I believe they were being transferred in from another local Costco location.






They had signs posted by every department in the warehouse, telling their members that they appreciate serving them for the past 15 years.



img_1166  img_1165


Walking through the warehouse was actually a bit sad. Seeing all of the empty departments being covered in plastic. For the past 15 years, those departments had been serving the local community and now they were shut down.




When walking out of the warehouse, the food court was still open as well as the tire shop. The overall vibe in the building was dark and gloomy. It felt like the store was ready for its next chapter. I was hopeful for the building’s future as Chicago’s first Business Center.


When I visited Bedford Park during the conversion, it was March 2015. Fast forward to December 2016 and the Costco Bedford Park Business Center is fully open and the signage has been updated to reflect that change.



Costco Business Center Hours


When you first walk into the new Costco Bedford Park Business Center, it feels like a brand-new warehouse. The lighting in the warehouse is bright white LEDS and it lights the warehouse in a way that gives it a really happy vibe.

This is defiantly not a regular Costco anymore. The first thing you see upon walking inside is a setup of industrial coolers, mixers, slicers, and other industrial kitchen appliances.


Costco Business Center Cooking



After walking through aisles of industrial cooking supplies I made my way to the fresh produce department.



Costco Wholesale Business Center Bedford Park Vacuum


The variety of produce was more than a typical warehouse. They have bananas, apples, watermelons, potatoes, and much more.


Costco Business Center Produce Selection


The part of the Costco Bedford Park Business Center that was most impressive was their MASSIVE cooler.


Massive Cooler Costco Wholesale


The cooler stretches the entire length of their old fresh departments. The true size is hard to see through pictures but it is definitely the largest cooler I have ever been in at any Costco location. Inside this cooler, they have everything from large cheese wheels to cases of meat and everything in-between.




Costco Bedford Park Chesse

Costco Business Center Parmesan Cheese Wheel

Costco Bedford Park Meat


Just like the Costco Las Vegas Business Center, this location also supplies jackets for its members to wear while they are shopping in the large cooler.


Costco Business Center Jackets


When you walk out of the cooler, you enter the industrial paper goods section. They sell toilet seat covers, hot dog trays, shopping bags, and everything else you are going to need for your business.


Costco Business Center Paper Goods

Costco Wholesale Bedford Park Paper Goods

Costco Wholesale BulkTraveler Paper Goods


If you are ever in need of a gallon jug of mayo, you can swing by the Costco Bedford Park Business center because not only do they have gallon jugs of mayo but they also have gallon jugs of Ranch, Italian, and Thousand Island dressing. If you really wanted to, you could even buy an entire semi-truck filled with mayo.


Costco Wholesale Truckload

Massive Mayo Jar Costco

img_1731  img_1729


You would think that a regular consumer wouldn’t shop at a Costco Business Center, but while I was there, I noticed multiple families shopping for their household needs. While for the most part everything at the Bedford Park Business Center is in Mega Bulk, you can still pick up some amazing deals by up your household items in such large quantities. While you’re picking up your 100 boxes of tissues, you can also grab a 6.6LB bucket of Nutella and a nice 5-gallon bucket of soy sauce.


Costco Business Center Chicago Illinois  costco-5lb-nutella


After your done with all of your bulk shopping, you can still head to the food court up front and grab yourself a famous Costco $1.50 hot dog!

While walking around the Costco Bedford Park Business Center, I noticed how bright and clean everything was. It was nice to see new life in an old building. Costco did a great job converting the Bedford Park location from a regular warehouse into a Business Center.


img_1734  img_1674

Costco Business Center Chicago

Costco Business Center Seafood  Costco Business Center Packaging

Costco Wholesale Chicago Illinois

img_1713 img_1723

Costco Business Center Thank You Bags


Have you ever shopped for goods at one of Costco’s Business Center locations?




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