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Now that we have Thanksgiving out of the way, we are now allowed to start decorating for Christmas (if that’s your thing)! You can now put up your lights, hang up your stockings, and put up your freshly cut Christmas tree.

If you’re in the market for a freshly cut Christmas tree, you should head over to Costco and pick one up. Typically, Costco puts their fresh fir Christmas trees up on display for sale anywhere between the week of Thanksgiving and the week after Thanksgiving. When I headed over to the Costco Greenville, South Carolina location, they had their live tree out on display right in front of the warehouse.




The prices of the fresh cut Christmas trees will typically differ from region to region. As you can see, Costco Greenville, South Carolina charges $28.99 while Wisconsin stores charge $32.99; I’ve seen some California stores charge as high as $49.99. The pricing is also going to depend on the species of fresh cut Christmas tree that your warehouse is carrying.

I didn’t pick up my Christmas tree at the Costco Greenville location because I was on one of my mega Costco trips. Even though I wasn’t in the market for a tree, I did venture past the Christmas tree display and their outside liquor department, into the building to check out what else the Costco Greenville had going on.


Costco Wholesale Liquor


The Costco Greenville location was in full Christmas swing. Upon walking in past their major sales department, you are greeted with a nice aisle of artificial Christmas trees and all types of other Christmas decorations.




Past the Christmas decorations, I passed some towering clothing tables as I made my way towards their fresh departments.




Before getting to the bakery, I was impressed at all of the quantity of produce that this location had. Besides all of the produce, they also had a basketball net high in the sky that you could practice your free throw on.


Costco Basketball Net


When I made it to the Bakery, the first thing that I noticed was they had their peppermint bark and their fruit cake right up front and they had plenty available. The rest of their department was well stocked and had plenty of items to choose from. For those wondering, I did decide to pick up a peppermint bark to munch on in the car.








Over in the deli department, they had a margarita pizza. Here in the Midwest, we only have cheese, pepperoni, and meat lovers. I only wish I wasn’t 10+ hours from home or I would have loved to picked one up to try.


Costco Wholesale Service Deli Pizza


Another unique thing about the Costco Greenville location was the amount of industrial cooking products they sold. It reminded me of the Costco Salt Lake City location that was part business center park regular warehouse. The Costco Greenville was obviously just a much smaller scale.

costco-greenville-cookingCostco Wholesale Industrial Cooking


My favorite item in the building was the three pack of spray starch for $3.99. I honestly have no idea what you would even use spray starch for, but it’s the first time I’ve ever seen it sold at Costco.


Costco Wholesale Spray Starch


The rest of the warehouse looked in tiptop shape for what I’d imagine was going to be a busy day.










After paying for the peppermint bark and heading out past the tire shop, I noticed one more thing that was a surprise. This is one of the few Costco locations that does propane tank refills. The last Costco location that I visited that had the propane refill service was the Costco Louisville location.




Costco Wholesale Propane Refill


Overall, the Costco Greenville, South Carolina location was full of unique items, and I was glad to be able to check my first South Carolina location off of my list to visit every Costco in the world.

What are some unique items or services that your Costco location offers? Let me know in the comments below.




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