Costco Morrow Business Center


On a recent trip to Atlanta Georgia, I came across Atlanta’s only Costco Business Center in Morrow, Georgia. For those of you that don’t know, a Costco Business Center is a Costco location that sells everything is mega bulk. Most people think regular Costco warehouses sell their items in bulk, but trust me you haven’t seen bulk yet if you haven’t been inside a Costco Business Center.


Costco Business Center Morrow


In September of 2012 the doors to the gently used Costco Morrow Business Center opened its doors. This Costco Business center was a conversion from a regular Costco location. The Costco Morrow Business Center is located just south east of Atlanta, Georgia and is a short 25-minute drive from the center of downtown Atlanta.


Costco Wholesale Business Center


I’m not sure why they decided to convert the existing Morrow Costco location into a business center, but if I had to make an educated guess I would say it was because the Costco Morrow location had lower sales than the other Atlanta locations. Costco has been trying to open business centers in large metropolitan areas. One of the more recent Costco Business Centers that they opened was their Costco Salt Lake City Business Center location. In that instance they just added a bunch of square footage onto their existing warehouse so they could be a hybrid business center and carry not only the typical warehouse items that were all use to but also all of the additional business center skus. There is a need for these Costco Business Centers because they are able to cater directly to their business customers and carry a wider verity of product.


Costc Business Center Gum


When you first walk into the Costco Morrow Business Center you are going to see a massive Print & Copy Center, followed by the usual large selection of televisions.


Costco Morrow Print Center


As you continue on you will quickly notice what makes this a business center. You are going to candy section and find 20 different types of Reese’s and 100 different flavors of chewing gum.


Costco Business Center Reese's


Costco Business Center Snacks


When you make it to the back of the warehouse you will be bombarded by pallets and pallets of all types of drinks. You’ll see dozens of types of water, pop, sports drinks, soda syrup, juices and more. That choices are endless.


Costco Business Center Soda Bibs


Costco Bulk Water Sales


In the business centers they don’t have the typical fresh departments like they do in a typical warehouse. Instead you will have to settle for cases of meat or large slabs of deli ham. Now it’s important to remember that they are catering to the business client which is why they aren’t going to be selling anything in a reasonable personal quantity.


Costco Business Center Meat Department


Costco Morrow Business Center Deli Meats


Costco Morrow Business Center Meat Department


If you do happen to be looking for a whole goat or lamb, the Costco Morrow Business Center is the go-to place for that. They have dozens of carcasses hanging up for sale.


Costco Business Center Lamb


When you get to the cooler section be sure to pick up your 17.5 LB liquid margarine jug. I’m sure that jug would be sure to last you a few dinners.


Costco Business Center Butter


Just like a regular warehouse, the Costco Business Centers do have a monthly coupon book. The coupons will be like save $100 off a pallet of Perrier. So if you’re looking to stock up on your Perrier you can save quite a bit of cash.


Costco Business Center Coupon


After you have your shopping card loaded with your lamb carcass, soda syrup, 17.5lb margarine jug, and a case of Kirkland Signature water you can head to the checkout and then precede to the food court. Yes, you read that correct, Costco Business Centers still do have their full service food court available for their members.


Costco Business Center Food Court


I had a fun time exploring the Costco Morrow Business Center. Their dedicated Business Center locations serve a good purpose for the business clients. Is it going to be somewhere where the small family shops at? Probable not. At the end of the day the Costco Business Center locations are cool to check out just for the fact that you will every type of Reese’s that you heart desires.


Costco Morrow Business Center Front End


Do you have a Costco Business Center that you frequent? What are your go-to items when shopping at the Business Center? Let us know in the comments below.










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