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Costco Gypsum

Do you remember the family road trips? You would be searching for one of those highway signs that said ‘FOOD’, just so you could hop off of the highway and grab a quick bite to eat from the truck stop Subway? Well as it just so happens, if you find yourself on a road trip to or through Gypsum, Colorado, you will find that the Costco Gypsum location has its food court listed on the highway exit food sign.


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As someone who has traveled the world looking for some of the most unique Costco locations, this was definitely a first for me. In the past, I’ve seen temporary billboards advertising a new location; never have I seen a Costco location put their food court on one of the highway food signs.

I was trying to figure out why the Costco Gypsum location would even bother paying to be on the food sign to begin with, seeing as they are three miles off of the highway, and most people aren’t going to drive three miles off the exit when they are on a road trip and just looking for a quick bite to eat. Now, if I had my choice, I would always stop at a Costco while on a road trip, but I would have to say I’m in the minority.

It wasn’t until I got to the actual Costco Gypsum location that I quickly realized why they would pay to be on the highway food sign. They are in the heart of ski country. During their summer months they are like a ghost town. While the Gypsum Costco is nestled in one of the most gorgeous areas in the world -contending with that view from the Costco South Jordan location– during those summer months, it is mostly local people who shop there. With the population of Gypsum coming in at just under 6,700 people, it doesn’t have the year round traffic that a metropolitan Costco would have.


Costco Gypsum Entrance


During the fall and winter, the Costco Gypsum location becomes a booming ski resort town. Gypsum Colorado is only thirty miles from Vail, Colorado, which is home to some of the top ski resorts in the world. With so many local ski resorts, they bring in hundreds of thousands of tourists that are sure to stop by the only local Costco location. The Costco Gypsum location is also the closest bulk retailer to all of the ski resorts in Vail and Aspen.

I stopped by the Costco Gypsum location during the summer months, which for most Costco locations is pretty busy, but this happened to be the dead days of summer for Costco Gypsum.

When you walk into the Costco Gypsum location, you’re going to find the membership desk off to the right side followed by the full service photo department, and then their optical department. You’ll notice that their refunds desk is on the exit side, separate from the membership side.



As I walked through the warehouse, I quickly noticed that even though the store was quite empty, their standards remained the same. Their produce was nice and full, their product was organized, and the building looked clean. It was good to see that the standards didn’t slip because of how slow the location is during their off season.

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The same goes for their fresh departments. They had all of the typical bakery, meat, and deli items out for sale, there was just less of it. Since I was on a long road trip around Colorado visiting all of the Costco locations, I did pick up some swiss rollers from the deli to eat in the car, which tasted amazing like always.


Costco Gypsum Colorado Bakery BulkTraveler


If you’re worried that they won’t have demos out during the summer, you have nothing to fear because there were still quite a few demos running, so you could still have your Costco demo lunch while you shop.


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All in all, the Costco Gypsum is a cool Costco location, nestled in one of the most gorgeous areas of the United States. While you’re driving there, you have a lovely view of the Rocky Mountains and you get to breathe that clean 6500ft elevation air. If you happen to find yourself in the Gypsum/Vail/Aspen area, stop by the Costco Gypsum location and pick up some cases of water and some food to save you from those hefty resort prices.


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Have you ever seen any Costco location that has its own highway exit sign? If so, post a picture in the comments below.



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