Costco Pearland Texas – Now Open! #PearlandCostco

Costco Pearland Texas Now Open

Costco Pearland Texas – Now Open!

After leaving the Costco Florence opening, we had to rush to CVG airport to catch our flight to Houston for the Costco Pearland Texas opening. We landed at IAH Houston airport on November 11, 2015 just in time to grab some lunch at my favorite fast food chain.

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After grabbing lunch we hopped around Houston for a bit since we had some time to kill before the Costco Pearland VIP party. We stopped by Discovery Park in downtown Houston, went by Rocky & Maggie’s Pet Store, and then ended up stoping by The Cheesecake Factory for a snack (second lunch).

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After our second lunch, we made our way over to Pearland, Texas for the Costco VIP party. When we arrived at 5:45pm, the parking lot was completely full and I instantly knew that this was going to be an extremely busy VIP party. It was so packed that people were even parking in the fire lanes.

Costco Pearland VIP Parking

At the Costco Pearland location, their eye exam center is on the outside of the warehouse. There is also another set of doors on the outside that looks as if it was to be used for liquor, but as it so happens, all of the beer, liquor, and wine are all inside the warehouse. This door will just have to remain a mystery for the time being.

When we went inside, it was beyond packed. There were so many people that it was making it difficult to take good pictures. I thought the Grand Chute Costco and the Florence Costco had extremely busy VIP parties, but the Costco Pearland location was on another level. I think the large amount of people there had to do with the food that they were giving out during the VIP. They were serving tacos, pulled pork, steak, meatballs, rotisserie chicken, salad and much more. At the Mid-West openings, I’m used to seeing the meatballs and rotisserie chicken, but not the meat offerings that they were giving away in Pearland.

They had so much food they were giving to the members that you could have thrown your kids fifth birthday party there and everyone would have left nice and full. They were even giving large slices of the famous Kirkland Signature Bakery cake. One of the things I thought was unique was that they had cheerleaders (?) from a local highschool (?) helping give out samples. I haven’t seen something like that before, so I wasn’t sure what the reason for this was.

Every section of the warehouse looked polished and had wonderful presentations with all of their products in their fresh departments. We had a great time walking around this VIP party and enjoyed trying all of the different food products.

Another cool thing that was going on during the Costco Pearland VIP and Opening was the Costco social media team’s photo setup. They were letting members take pictures in front of their Costco backdrop, and you got to hold a sign with a Costco hashtag on the front. All of the pictures that were taken were uploaded to the @CostcoToday Facebook page.

Costco Social Media BulkTraveler

I like seeing Costco push their different social media platforms. After talking to one of the guys running the picture area, he stated that Costco is trying to put a larger focus on their social media accounts. That’s a good thing for members, as it makes for another method to communicate with Costco directly.

As far as we could tell their grand opening had no problems. When we got there at 7:50am, the doors were already open and members were inside shipping. We did a quick walk through to get our breakfast, which consisted of multiple demos. We had croissants, danish, prime stake, pork chop, rotisserie chicken, bacon, and apple cider. Even though it was only 8:00am at this point it’s never to early to eat prime stake or some rotisserie chicken.

BulkTraveler had a fantastic at the Costco Pearland opening. It was nice to see an opening in a different part of the country. While Texas locations might put their products in different locations, and serve different food during their VIP parties, there is one thing that remains consistent; the attention to detail and the quality of the products that Costco provides for it’s members is of a quality that other retailers can’t compete with.

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Costco Pearland Texas

BulkTraveler wishes the Pearland Texas Costco the best of luck and congratulations on their new opening.

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If you have any questions about the new Costco Pearland Texas location, then please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below.

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