Hotel Review: Westin Long Beach

Hotel Review: Westin Long Beach

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I spent the first night of my mini-vacation at the Sheraton Carlsbad. Both of my sisters were staying at the Hyatt Regency Long Beach, so I left the Sheraton and made my way up I-5 N towards the Westin Long Beach.

The original plan was to make it to the hotel early, do early check-in, and then head out for some sightseeing. Unfortunately, my sisters decided they wanted to start doing sightseeing sooner rather than later, so once again this would be another hotel stay where I would be checking in after 10:00pm and checking out before 10:00am. Luckily for me, I can get a good feel for a hotel within the first 15 minutes; usually you can tell how a stay will go based upon how check-in goes.

I made it to the parking garage of the Westin Long Beach around 10:00 PM. I decided to do self-park. The parking garage was underground and it was packed. After driving around for what felt like 30 minutes, I finally found a spot. Had I found my way out, I would have just done valet as it was only just a little bit more expensive than the self-parking. I believe it was 18 for self-park and 21 for valet. So for $3 more plus tip I could have saved myself a lot of time and frustration.

I made my way to the check-in desk and was quickly helped by one of the four people working the desk on Saturday night. I was lucky enough to be upgraded to a one bedroom corner suite room that had an ocean view. The lobby was massive. It had a lot of seating and was very clean and clutter free.

Westin Long Beach Lobby
When I made it up to my room, the first thing I did was open the room service menu and I ordered some dinner. I ordered a Turkey Panini, Tomato Soup, and an Apple Tart with Vanilla Ice Cream and a large bottle of Aqua Panna. While I was waiting for my dinner I snapped a few pictures of the room.

Westin Long Beach Room Service Dinner
The one thing I noticed immediately was that this Westin hadn’t moved over to the new rain style shower head.

Westin Long Beach Shower
The small sitting area had a couch and a small desk. The only TV was in the bedroom, not that you need more than one TV in a King Size hotel room, but I can’t see much use for this oddly placed couch. I guess if you were there with your spouse, you could sit on this couch and talk but I don’t see that happening.

Westin Long Beach Suite Living Room
There isn’t much to say about the bed. It was your typical Westin Heavenly Bed and it was just that heavenly.

Westin Long Beach King Bed
After about a 30 minute wait my room service arrived. It was some of the best tasting room service food I have had in a long time. The Apple Tart in particular was amazing. Pictures can do a lot more than words, so I’ll let the picture do the talking.

Westin Long Beach Dinner BulkTraveler
The following morning, I made my way down to the restaurant in the hotel where I paid the $10.00 to upgrade to the full hot breakfast. I believe the upgrade is always worth it. I love bacon, eggs, and pancakes: so it is well worth it for me. I even took a banana for the road so I got more value out of it there. I think I went a little overboard though, because everything there looked so amazing, that I had to try a little bit of everything (and by that I mean a lot of everything.)

Westin Long Beach Breakfast
Westin Breakfast Food
The hotel was great, the food was great, and the staff was great. The only down side to this hotel is the extremely small pool.

Westin Long Beach Pool
If I was here with kids I could only imagine how packed that pool must get in the summer, on the other hand you do have the ocean just a few short blocks away, so you could always just hop on over to the ocean.

The room did have a partial ocean view. By partial, I mean if you look through two tall buildings you can make out the ocean. I still believe I probably had one of the best views in the hotel.

The price of the prepaid rate for this hotel is currently at $149 a night. For the level of service, and the quality of food, I would say this was well worth it. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, post below in the comments.





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