Costco East Bayamon Puerto Rico – The clean, newish building

Costco East Bayamon Puerto Rico – The clean, newish building

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On our quest to visit every Costco in the world, it brought us to the sunny southern island of Puerto Rico. In Puerto Rico there are four Costco locations: Carolina, East Bayamon, West Bayamon, and Caguas. The last stop on our Puerto Rico Costco tour was going to be Costco East Bayamon. East Bayamon is a city located about 18 minutes south west of the San Juan Marriott Resort. It is also located 18 minutes east of the West Bayamon Costco location.

Costco East Bayamon Hotel

The Costco in East Bayamon is the newest store to open in Puerto Rico. It opened its doors on July 27, 2006. The outside of this locations looks very similar to other new locations in the United States. Even though this building is nine years old, the condition of the building was very good.

Costco East Bayamon Parking Lot

Like the other Costco locations in Puerto Rico, the Easy Bayamon location was neat and organized. Their fence display had a display of tires featuring the $70 off Michelin promotion.

Costco East Bayamon Tire Sale

The bed sheet set section that was destroyed in West Bayamon, was actually setup as a big display right when you walk into this store on the right side.

Costco East Bayamon Bed Sheets

Past their Major Sales department, they had a separate jewelry case where they had some lower priced rings, purses, and other assorted jewelry.

Costco East Bayamon Jewelry Case

This location also has a full service optical department and one-hour photo department.

Costco East Bayamon 1HR Photo

One big difference I noticed between the Puerto Locations and the locations in the United States, is that in the United States they use safety bands to secure the furniture to the pallets and in Puerto Rico they don’t. I can see this being a problem if a kid decides to try and climb on something and then it falls over on them.

Costco East Bayamon Safety

Costco East Bayamon Furniture

East Bayamon Furniture Safety

Their bakery department was nicely stocked and they even had the seasonal Ancient Grain Oatmeal out.

Costco Ancient Grain Oatmeal

They had the massive donut maker right along the bakery, so in the early morning you are able to watch them make fresh donuts.

Costco East Bayamon Doughnut

In the meat department they were selling chopped steak. I don’t remember seeing this at any location in the United States, so I think this could be unique to Puerto Rico. They also had some mini flank steaks and a giant Pork Leg.

Costco East Bayamon Cubed Steak

Costco East Bayamon Flank

Costco East Bayamon Pork Leg

The deli items that were across from the service deli were nicely stocked and looked appetizing.

Costco East Bayamon Deli Case

Bottled water in Puerto Rico is going to cost you more than in the United States. Generic water ‘Pure H20’ is going to cost you $5.29 for 24 bottles, compared to around $4 in the United States.

Costco Puerto Rico Water

In the produce department you can score a 10 LB bag of Criollas for only $7.99.

Costco Puerto Rico Criollas

This location had very organized isles and throughout the store multiple employees were keeping the isles organized.

Costco East Bayamon Organized

Costco East Bayamon Merch Setup

Costco East Bayamon Organized

As you head to the front of the Costco West Bayamon you will see that they sell ice and have a tobacco section as well. Selling ice is a nice touch and would be welcome in more locations.

Costco East Bayamon Ice & Tobacco

While there I picked up some bakery sweet rolls and another pair of sun glasses. This was actually the second pair I had purchased during this trip, because I had left the first pair in a cheesecake factory in San Juan.

Costco East Bayamon Checkout

On your way out the exit doors you can drop off a comment card about the fantastic time you had at the West Bayamon Costco and grab yourself a coffee from their hot drink vending machine.

Costco East Bayamon Comment Card

Costco Coffee Machine Puerto Rico

This was a good Costco to wrap up the Costco Puerto Rico tour. We were able to see all four Costco locations in just a few days, while still enjoying the sights that Puerto Rico has to offer.

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Costco East Bayamon Puerto Rico

If there is anything that you don’t think we covered in our Costco Puerto Rico series, then please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below or you can tweet us at @bulktraveler.

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