Puerto Rican Birds, Nutella, and Stale Pizza Hut Pizza

Puerto Rican Birds, Nutella, and Stale Pizza Hut Pizza

Puerto Rico Nutella Wendy's Slider

While in Puerto Rico for our Costco Winter Getaway, we ran across a few things that we found mildly interesting, and we thought you might enjoy.

Does eating burgers and petting pigeons mix…?

Puerto Rico Birds

We were in San Juan just strolling around town when we came across a big tour group from Brazil. There were many young adults and kids and they were running around chasing the wild pigeons. They weren’t just running around playing a game of catch the bird, they were actually picking the birds up and holding them.

The birds weren’t afraid of the people. They actually seemed to enjoy being pet, which isn’t typical since here in the Mid-west when you go up to a bird they fly away. It could have been that these kids were feeding them bread from the hamburgers they were eating from Wendy’s.

This is where it became a bit scary. These tourists were eating hamburgers, while holding the pigeons. Trust me, there was no use of any hand sanitizer that I saw, but there was plenty of bird poop all over the ground.

Everyone must love Nutella in Puerto Rico.

Wendy's Puerto Rico Nutella

Almost every restaurant visited had some type of Nutella option. Wendy’s had a Nutella Frosty, Nutella breakfast wraps, Nutella Toast, and just a plain side of Nutella.

I tried the Nutella frosty and it was actually pretty good, considering I am not typically a fan of Nutella.

While we were in line at Wendy’s I would say a good 75% of the people were ordering something that came with Nutella.

Nutella Frosty Puerto Rico

Who doesn’t like freezer-burn pizza from Pizza Hut?

Puerto Rico Pizza Hut Stale Pizza

For lunch one day we decided to stop by Pizza Hut for a quick bite to eat. While we were waiting, a nice street drifter decided to come in. He started to lick his hands and then rub it on the counter until someone came over and gave him two cups of water.

After he drank a cup and a half of the second, he dumped the rest on the counter. Then proceeded to toss the cups over the counter and walked out.


We ordered a large garlic knot pizza, because it was a style of pizza they used to have in the United States about seven years back which had a great taste. The crust was cheese filled garlic knots and it used to be my all time favorite fast food pizza.

When the pizza came out it looked like it had been in the freezer for the last seven years. The crust had freezer burn and was dried out. It did have a small hint of garlic for taste, but it didn’t compare to what it should have been. It looked nothing like the picture or what it uses to taste/look like when I had it last seven years ago.

So if you are in Puerto Rico and you are craving pizza stay away from Pizza Hut and instead go to Mike’s Pizzeria, which will have far superior pizza and it will be nice and fresh.

Is there anything that you have experienced that is mildly interesting while traveling in Puerto Rico then please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below.

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