Is Costco Really Removing Their Full-Service Photo Departments?

Is Costco Really Removing Their Full-Service Photo Departments?

Costco Photo Center Slider

Rumors have been circling online that Costco will slowly remove their full-service photo centers and instead replace them with non one-hour photo kiosk centers. These kiosks are basically computer booths where you can place an order for your digital prints and other photo items, which will then be delivered to the location within 4-5 days.

Two new Costco locations that recently opened in Perrysburg, Ohio and Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin have the new Costco Photo Kiosk.

Costco Photo Kiosk

Gone are the days of one-hour photo, or are they? BulkTraveler has reached out to multiple Costco Photo Departments that were planning on having the Photo Departments downsized to the new Costco Photo Kiosks. The response that we were given, was that the plan to remove the full service Photo Departments has been put on hold due to a large number of member complaints.

Costco Full Photo Department

I wouldn’t be surprised if they hold off for quite a bit longer. At the new Costco locations, they also had Costco Online Photo Center information kiosks which were advertising that you can order prints online. Recently the online photo center that is being advertised was breached, and forced Costco to pull the site down. For the time being, ordering prints online is not an option until Costco can find out why it was breached, what information was stolen and restore the photo website.

Costco Photo Order Online Kiosk

I believe that Costco will continue to open all new locations with the small photo kiosks, but I think that for the foreseeable future, they are going to leave the current full-service photo departments in place.

Costco 1HR Photo Puerto Rico

If you have heard anything else regarding the removal of the full-service photo departments then please don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below.

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