Costco West Bayamon Puerto Rico – Flan, Guava, & More Guava

Costco West Bayamon Puerto Rico – Guava, Flan, and Burgers

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On our quest to visit every Costco in the world, it brought us to the sunny southern island of Puerto Rico. In Puerto Rico there are four Costco locations: Carolina, East Bayamon, West Bayamon, and Caguas.


The second stop on our Costco tour was going to be Costco West Bayamon. West Bayamon is a city located about 26 minutes south west of the San Juan Marriott Resort.


Costco West Bayamon

We arrived at the Costco West Bayamon about a half hour before closing. In the United States, Costco would have just closed, but since this is Puerto Rico they are open until 9PM instead of the usual 8:30PM.


Costco Puerto Rico Hours

For being late in the evening the store was in pretty good shape. When entering the store you immediately notice the massive fence and their major sales department. They had their supplements filling up the bulk of the fence.


Costco West Bayamon Fence Setup

On the way back to their fresh departments, their general merchandise was looking fantastic, with the exception of some bed sheets. It looked like it had been attacked by a black Friday mob.


Costco West Bayamon Busy
Costco West Bayamon Floor Setup
Costco West Bayamon Furniture Setup
Costco West Bayamon Merch Setup
Costco West Bayamon Merch 2


Over in the drink department, they had a unique energy drink. The KeyStone V9. You get 18 cans for $16.24.


Costco Puerto Rico Bayamon Keystone V2


As I reached the bakery I was able to tell that there were going to be many surprises. The first thing that stood out was the funny looking cheese flan they had in a cooler. The cheese flam is a Puerto Rico only item. Next to the item name on the sticker, there is a (PR) so show that it is an exclusive item.


Costco West Bayamon Puerto Rico Cheese Flam


Another interesting thing that I noticed about the Costco West Bayamon bakery, is that they must love guava. They had guava Mayorca Superma (Sweet Roll), guava muffins, and guava cheesecake.


Costco West Bayamon Mayorca Suprema Sweet Roll
Costco Puerto Rico Guava Muffin
Costco Puerto Rico West Bayamon Guava Cheesecake


I purchased the Guava Mayorca (sweet roll) and it was amazing! It is very similar to a Danish pull apart that we sell at the Costco U.S locations.

Another exclusive they sell only in Puerto Rico is doughnuts. Yes, you read that correct, doughnuts.


Costco West Bayamon Mini Cake Donuts


I bought those as well and they were fantastic. They make them every day, and you are able to witness them being made, that is, if you are there when they open in the morning.

One last unique item they had there was a deluxe almond cake. I didn’t try it but it looked fantastic. The white icing alone looked very tasty.


Costco West Bayamon Deluxe Almond Cake Bakery Puerto Rico


In the meat department the only item they had that was different from the Costco Caragus location, was their Premio Fresh Chorizo.


Fresh Chorizo Costco Puerto Rico


As I made my way over to the service deli, they had a few different and unique items. On of my favorite items was the lunch sized, $5.99, spinach salad with poppyseed dressing. It is a perfect item for those who want something small, and don’t want to splurge for the large U.S sized salad.


Costco West Bayamon Puerto Rico 2Pk Turkey Torta Service Deli


Another unique item was their 2 pack turkey torta w/provolone cheese. For $8.99 you can share this with a friend and have a delicious lunch.


Costco West Bayamon Small Spinach Salad


As I headed towards the exit I saw all of the signs are, not surprisingly, in Spanish.


Costco West Bayamon Farmacia
Costco West Bayamon Puerto Rico Membresia


The Costco West Bayamon was another unique Puerto Rico location, which has a lot of different and unique items that all visitors should try.


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Costco West Bayamon Puerto Rico


If you have any questions or if there is anything else you would like to know then please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below.

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