Costco Online Photo Center Breached

Costco Online Photo Center Breached

Costco Online Photo Center Breached

Costco’s Online Photo Center has been temporarily shut down as a precaution following a breach at a third party vendor PNI that hosts the site. The third party vendor also hosts the photo sites of other national brands such as CVS, Rite Aid, Sam’s Club and dozens of others. The hack of the photo sites does not affect the main websites of any of these stores.

Costco Canada and Rite Aid noted that PNI has limited access to customer information since it does not process credit cards, but the photo service sites were temporarily taken down as a precaution.

CVS and Walmart Canada asked customers to monitor their credit card transactions closely for unauthorized charges.
Although Costco is working diligently to get the site back on, it is long process that will most likely not occur until early August. While going through this process they are trying to pinpoint who got in the system, how they were able to breach in and what data was taken. At this point it is too early to say how much personal information or credit card information was stolen.

An interesting take away from this ordeal is that so many large brands use the same third party vendor for their photo service. You may think you are getting better photos done by Costco/Sam’s Club/Walmart, but they are actually coming from the same place, instead the difference in price comes down to the service at the end.

In the meantime you can still head over to the brick and mortar locations and have your pictures printed there.

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