Costco Caguas Puerto Rico – Exciting new items, great local produce

Costco Caguas Puerto Rico – Exciting new items, great local produce

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On our quest to visit every Costco in the world, it brought us to the sunny southern island of Puerto Rico. In Puerto Rico there are four Costco locations: Carolina, East Bayamon, West Bayamon, and Caguas. The first stop on our Costco tour was going to be Costco Caguas. Caguas is a city located about 30-35 minutes south of the San Juan airport.

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Puerto Rico Costco’s have different operating hours than in the United States.
The hours are as follows:

Monday – Friday – 9:00am – 9:00pm
Saturday – 9:00am – 9:00pm
Sunday – 11:00am – 7:00pm

Costco Caguas Puerto Rico Hours
When we arrived at this location the first thing I noticed was the packed parking lot. The best part were the hills and palm trees in the background, it was gorgeous.

Costco Caguas Puerto Rico Parking Lot
When you walk into the store you have the typical Costco setup. The major sales department on the right and then their grab and go items on the left. Their grab and go section was filled with items that you would expect to see during June in the United States. It had juices and summer time items. Mind you, when we were on the Costco tour, it was at the end of January this year.

Costco Caguar Puerto Rico Major Sales
Costco Caguas Puerto Rico Fence
The building was very organized and their product displays were well set up. One of my favorite displays was the large massage table that they had hanging in their steel.

Costco Caguas Puerto Rico Massage Table
When I made my way to their fresh department, I first started at the bakery. They had a few items that were unique to Puerto Rico, but I will only show you the fresh items that were unique to this location. We will show you the rest of the unique Puerto Rico items in the other location reviews.

When I am shopping for bread, I always want the softest bread I can find. Currently at Costco in the United States the bakery has the demi baguette which is a hard roll. For my sandwiches I like to have a little bit softer exterior. Their bakery has Agua Bread or translated into Puerto Rico Water Bread. It is very soft and it is similar to an Italian bread.

Costco Caguas Puerto Rico Agua Bread
In their meat department they had Chalet De Ternanra (Veal Chops)

Costco Caguas Puerto Rico Veal Chop
In the deli they had a lot of different shrimp based dishes. They had their shrimp Caesar Salad and a Cilantro Lime Wrap which has a similar look to the Asian Wrap.

Costco Caguas Puerto Rico Shrimp Caesar Salad
Costco Caguas Puerto Rico Cilantro Lime Shrimp Wrap
Their produce department had a lot of local produce from all over Puerto Rico. It is nice to see that Costco was carrying a lot of local product instead of imports. They had everything from bananas to Recao.

Costco Caguas Puerto Rico Local Produce
Costco Caguas Local Produce
Costco Caguas Puerto Rico Cilantro Local Produce
Costco Caguas Puerto Rico Local Bananas
When I made my way to their dairy section of the cooler I found that they had their milk in normal, not spilling, milk jugs. It wasn’t the typical U.S milk jug that likes to spill every time you try and pour it out.

Costco Caguas Puerto Rico Milk
Costco Caguas also has a wide selection of beer and liquor. Most notably Costco Caguas carries the local Puerto Rico Beer Medalla.

Costco Caguas Puerto Rico Medella Beer
Throughout the warehouse you will notice that they carry a lot of local products. They had a large display of their local coffee Cafe Rico which is 100% made in Puerto Rico.

Costco Puerto Rico Case Rico Ground Coffee
When I was checking out at the register I noticed someone else purchasing Bimbo vanilla cakes, another thing I have never seen in a U.S Costco.

Costco Caguas Bimbo Cakes
Here are some other items they sell in Costco Caguas

Costco Caguas Puerto Rico Milano Cookie
Costco Caguas Puerto Rico Soda Crackers
Costco Caguas Puerto Rico Media
I know what you’re thinking… what about the food court! I will cover Puerto Rican food court in the San Juan Costco post.

Overall it was a very nice location. The store looked very clean and for it being an older building that is always a good thing.

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If you have any questions or if there is anything else you would like to know then please don’t hesitate to ask.

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