Mike’s Pizzeria San Juan Puerto Rico – Good pizza outside of Chicago

Mike’s Pizzeria San Juan Puerto Rico – Good pizza outside of Chicago

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While BulkTraveler was on our Puerto Rico Costco tour we were craving some good pizza. We were fortunate to have found one close to the Marriott San Juan that we were staying at.

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It was called Mike’s Pizzeria and it was amazing! Mike’s Pizzeria is located at 045 Ashford Avenue, San Juan and is just an eight minute walk from the Marriott.

Mike's Pizzeria Location
The inside of the restaurant is long and narrow but has modern pizza decor on the walls. Also this restaurant is air conditioned which is very nice to escape the humidity in the summer.

Mike's Pizzeria San Juan Inside
We started off with a delicious cheese bread with marinara sauce which took only minutes to arrive at our table.

Mike's Pizzeria Puerto Rico Cheese Bread
We placed an order for a large cheese pizza which they told us up front would take about 20 minutes, which wasn’t that bad. When the pizza arrived it was a nice large cheesy pizza. There were only two of us there and we could have gotten away with only ordering a medium size pizza, but you can never have enough pizza.

Mike's Pizzeria Puerto Rico Cheese Pizza
The pizza was more of a hand tossed style and while it wasn’t as good as my favorite pizza place Lou Malnatis, it was some of the best I have had outside of Chicago or New York.

Our bill for the large pizza and cheese bread and two sodas can to about $40 which was a little steep, but it’s hard to put a price on great pizza outside of major metropolitan areas.

The walk from the Marriott to Mike’s Pizzeria is actually really nice. You get to pass a large park with a nice fountain and you can even walk along the beach the rest of the way.

Mike's Pizzeria Walking Puerto Rico Fountain
Mike's Pizzeria Park San Juan
According to the local people Mike’s Pizzeria is basically the best pizza place in Puerto Rico, so it was nice to experience their best pizza.






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